Volume VIII, Number 2

O F F - T H E - S H E L F

The following editorial reflects the personal thoughts of Doug Breithaupt relating to our common hobby of miniature cars. It is intended to generate discussion
relating to 'Tales of Toy Cars'. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via e-mail.

Most Obscure  
Perhaps it is just my delight in the unexpected but some of my favorite toy cars are the ones that represent real cars that seldom appear in any scale. Sometimes you scratch your head and wonder if perhaps the owner of the company owned such a car or sometimes these odd models were made due to a connection to a movie or TV show. Yat Ming's Graber bodied Talbot represents the former while Johnny Lightning's 1959 DeSoto sedan represents the later. Regardless, these models are special since they are unique examples of cars otherwise overlooked by toy car makers.

Being a big fan of lists, I decided to select one such diecast car for each automotive marque. My rules were simple. The selected model must be a one-of-a-kind, not done by any other small-scale manufacturer. I also limited myself to production cars, excluding concept and race cars. Here is my list with some selected images.

Volvo - 480ES by Matchbox
Saab - 900 Turbo by Majorette
Mercedes-Benz - 600 SEL by Matchbox
BMW - 733 Sedan by Majorette
Volkswagen - Type 131 (Thing) by Siku
Porsche - 356B Cabriolet by Welly
Audi - Avant Wagon by Siku
Opel - Senator CD by Siku
Ford (Germany) - Tanus by Impy
Ferrari - 250GT California Spider by Kyosho
Lamborghini - Espada by Siku
Maserati - Quattroporte III by Ertl
Alfa Romeo - Guilia SS by Penny
Lancia - Gamma by Giodi
Fiat - Dino Coupe by Playart
DeTomaso - none (we need a Deauville or Kylami)
Bizzarini - GT by Guisval
Iso - Rivolta by Penny
Citroen - Traction Avant 15CV by Matchbox
Renault - 12 Break by Buby
Peugeot - 504 Cabriolet by Majorette
Talbot - Graber Cabriolet by Yat Ming
Bugatti - type 57C by Hot Wheels
Simca - 1501 by Majorette
Seat - Malaga by Guisval
Hispano Suiza - Cabriolet Johnny Lightning
Skoda - Matchbox
Lada - 1200 Saloon by Meha
DAF - 600 by Playart
Trabant - Maisto
Yugo - by Metalcar
Rolls Royce - Silver Cloud III Cabriolet - Impy
Jaguar - XKSS by Hot Wheels
Lotus - Super 7 Mk. III by Matchbox
Rover - 2600 by Playart
M.G. - TF by Tootsietoy
Triumph - TR3 by Johnny Lightning
Morgan - Plus 4 by Majorette
TVR - Matchbox
Aston Martin - DBS by Corgi
Ford (UK) - Zodiac Estate by Impy
Hillman - Minx by Matchbox
Austin - Estate by Budgie
Lagonda - Johnny Lightning
Morris - Traveler by Hot Wheels
DeLorean - DM12 by Zylmex
Humber - Super Snipe by Charawheels
Vauxhall - Firenza by Impy Lone Star
Ford - 1960 Ranch Wagon by Johnny Lightning
Mercury - Sable Wagon by Matchbox
Lincoln - Town Car by Matchbox
Packard - 1932 Sedan by Hot Wheels
Studebaker - Lark Convertible by Tootsietoy
Nash - Rambler Wagon by Johnny Lightning
Hudson - 1957 Sedan by Hubley
AMC - 1974 Hornet by Johnny Lightning
Chevrolet - Nova Sedan by Buby
Pontiac - 1965 Bonneville by Hot Wheels
Oldsmobile - 1978 Toronado by Tomica
Cadillac - Series 75 Limousine by Siku
Chrysler - Sebring by Maisto
Imperial - 1963 Southanmpton Coupe by Impy
Dodge - Aspen by Yat Ming
Plymouth - Fury III by Racing Champions
DeSoto - 1959 Sedan by Johnny Lightning
Holden - Monaro by Biante
Honda - 1985 Accord Sedan by Majorette
Toyota - Prius by Tomica
Nissan - first Nissan by Tomica
Mazda - Familia by Konami
Mitsubishi - Eclipse S1 by Ertl
Subaru - Legacy Wagon by Tomica
Suzuki - Fronte 360 by Konami
Hyundai - Tiberon by Hot Wheels