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The following editorial reflects the personal thoughts of Doug Breithaupt relating to our common hobby of miniature cars. It is intended to generate discussion
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Big Brother - Little Brother

Have you ever started to see toy cars makers and smaller versions of real automakers? I've always associated Siku with Mercedes-Benz and Mattel with General Motors. This month I decided to see how far I could take this name association game. I tried to match up nationalities but sometimes that did not work. The first list is companies/product lines currently in business. The second list is of companies/brands that are gone but not forgotten. If this makes you smile, I've succeeded.

Mattel - General Motors (big, tough and proud of it)
Hot Wheels - Chevrolet (all-American)
Matchbox - Mercury (been around for a long time but seem to have lost their way)
Racing Champions/Ertl - Ford (steady and a but conservative but quality is job one)
Johnny Lightning - Chrysler (like to shake things up with innovative products)
Siku - Mercedes-Benz (solid as a rock)
Herpa - Porsche (stick to their market, for the most part)
Schuco - BMW (a reputation for quality)
Majorette - Renault (Gallic style)
Norev - Peugeot/Citroen (same style, with a twist)
Corgi - M.G. (back from the dead)
Polistil - Fiat (the pride of Italy)
Guisval - Seat (stick to the local market)
Tomica - Toyota (quality and consistency)
Motor Max - Nissan (back in the mix with new products)
Hongwell - Honda (ready to compete at a new level)
Welly - Subaru (attention to detail with solid work)
Real Toy - Isuzu (more flash than substance at times)
Maisto - Hyundai (quality continues to be a question)
Golden Wheel - Kia (are they here for the long-run?)
Kyosho - Lamborghini (high-end market only, low production)

And here are some classic match-ups

Impy Lone Star - Humber (solid, unique and a bit stodgy)
Budgie - Morris (veddy British)
Corgi Junior - Rover (good middle-class products with occasional flash)
Hubley - Studebaker (went their own way but with style)
Zylmex - Datsun (only the names have changed)
Mini-Dinky - British Leland (pieces just keep falling off)
Safir/Champion - Matra-Simca (a focus on competition)
Mercury/Speedy - DeTomaso (moments of greatness)
Playart - American Motors (unique products, beginning to be appreciated)
Maxwell - Trabant (crude, with four wheels, usually)
Micro-Machines - Crosley (too darn small)

Is Maxwell the Trabant of Toy Cars?

Morris 1100 by Maxwell


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