Found in the Letterbox

The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via the 'Guest Book'.

"It is nice to see a sight like yours where everything is represented. We "the family" have been collecting for about 4 years now and have always gone for what looks good rather than one brand itself. Collecting has been slower but I feel we have a better collection because of it,we have in the area of 450 cars now.

It is sad what collecting has become, if you could call it collecting at all. The scalpers make me sick! Once we were able to open a few boxes of H** W***** and were asked not to tell anyone because of fear of employment and that all boxes are held for collectors to open in the back, after they go through them the left overs are put on the shelves.(whats up with that?) This happened at a ***** r ***. My favorite was being approached by a guy trying to sell us toy cars that he hadn't even bought yet, and of course for a profit. As a kid I remember collecting (you never had an adult push you out of the way), but as an adult its quit clear that you have to be with your kid so they don`t get pushed around (sad isn't it)

Great site, I`ll always look in! Your September 2000 article "A decade of Fords 1960-1970" has a mistake. Your photo of the suposed 1962 Ford is clearly of a 1964 #28 Laffette Ford (I think Freddy Lorenzo was the driver). "

Ted B., Victoria B.C., Canada

Editor's response: Ted is correct that I was mistaken in my identification of the 1964 Ford as a '62. Several readers caught this error. While I hear many of these stories about collector/scalpers, it seldom happens to me. Then again, I do not even attempt to be the first to get any Hot Wheels. It's simply not worth the effort. Glad you like the site.

"I have a complete Siku model village dating from 1956. All the vehicles, buildings, fences, people, etc are intact. I Have all the Siku V series pictured on your web page, which I found very interesting reading. I originally received the village as a present from my Aunt and Uncle in Germany in 1956."

John Irwin, Wilmslow, Cheshire, England

Editor's response: It is always great to hear from someone who still has the toys of their youth.

"Doug. Your web page is fantastic can you help me find American cars from 1940 to 1959 in 1:43 scale Thank You."

Sheldon Platt, Shelton, WA

Editor's response: While I often receive request like this one, I am not a good source for 1:43 scale models as I do not actively collect them. In 1:43 I try to limit myself to cars I have actually owned.

"Just found your website yesterday. I have been looking for info on 1:64 models for years and even complained to Model Auto Review in Leeds England about the lack of coverage on this scale! I also found your article on the Summer Tucker and Checker very interesting. They were also mentioned in passing by Jeff Koch in Mobilia magazine."

Dave Weber, Warrington, PA

Editor's Note: I tried to find more of these cars for Dave but with no luck.

"Hello, I'm after more info on the Politsil 1:64 replica F1 cars. I've got about 25 of these, but I have no idea how many were made or how I can acquire ones I am missing. I used to buy one every time I went to Silverstone in the 70s & 80s as a boy. Any info/help would be appreciated Thanks."

Mark Barry, Oxford, England

Editor's Note: Watch for a full story on the Polistil F1 cars in 1:64 scale very soon.
"I reviewed all 2 years of your archives at one sitting and have already reccommended your site to several friends. It's great getting information on the lesser known manufacturers. In reference to your Jeep article, have you seen the WWII jeep in the Lightning Brigade series from Johnny Lightning?"

Raymond McKee, Dallas, GA

Editor's Note: I just bought the JL WWI Jeep andit is very nice. I'm impressed that you went through all our archive issues in one sitting.