Volume IX, Number 2

Found in the Letterbox
The following are responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars'. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via e-mail

"Greetings from Bolivia.

First of all, let me give the best wishes for this year, I hope that this year bring health to you and more enjoyment collecting cars.

I confess that I was kind of desperate to se the last edition of Tales of Toy Cars, specially to watch the list for "Best of 2005". Many of the cars in the list are almost impossible to find in my country, but I feel glad to see the Pagani Zonda from Motor Max included. I'm already searching the version in silver of the Zonda, I imagine that this version comes in a single unit box. I don't trend to repeat models in my "garage", but some exceptions always appear, like VW Beetles or Minis.

In the last months of 2005, I buy some interesting units that I like to share with you. The '67 Pontiac GTO by Hot Wheels with fine rubber wheels from the Treasure Hunt Series looks really good. A Renault 11 by Majorete (made in France) with Monte Carlo Rally tampoos came into a blister box including the replica of a pneumatic boat with nice detail. One irresistible Porsche Carrera by Corgi Juniors of 1981 in "Polizei" version; this one appears almost by magic to my eyes in mint conditions with blister pack.

Certainly, as you say in the January issue, the Alfa Romeo Bertone B.A.T. is a delight. The Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept looks well proportioned as well, hope to find the chromed version of this replica, and I dare to suggest to Hot Wheels to produce a variation of this GR-1 in metallic blue with white stripes, black interior, clear glass and 5 spoke wheels, (could be a real hit).

Unfortunately, the Maisto 2005 lineup, didn't appear in the usual local toy store. The people of this toy store, told me that I must wait some months to see boxes with the Transit Authority series, with units like the Chrysler 300M or the Dodge Magnum concept. I'm already waiting.

Finally, I found excellent the story behind the Vauxhall Guildsman. One of the strong reasons to collect cars for me, is the design conception behind cars, and I always was intrigued about the Vauxhall Guildsman origins. If possible, I like to know some way to contact Mr. Gannon to share some ideas about design and his work with the Guildsman.

Well, I guess that is all for now, as usual, Tales of Toy cars is "the site" to visit for collectors like me.

Best wishes and keep making such great work."

Daniel Vasquez Burke

Editor's Response: Thanks for the good words about TofTC. It is interesting to hear what models are available around the world. Is there anywhere in the world where toy cars do not exist? Antartica might be a challenge!

"Hello Doug,

Just an update of my Project as you might be interested in it for an article in your magazine at some future date.... The Buenos Aires Toy Museum at the British Arts Center in July

The BA Toy Museum was invited by the BAC to organize a special show throughout the month of July this year to be held at the Center's ShowRooms. Featuring Antique and Vintage toys of all times, toy and games inspired artwork, live shows and living statues, music and much more, this upcoming July the BA Toy Museum will in the center of attention in the world of art and collectibles.

July is a very special month in Buenos Aires, for it's our winter holiday time, where the cultural world of the city opens for its strong season. The city's cultural activities burst in this time of the year, aiming to a tough public: children, who are on their winter break, and parents, young students and voyagers from around the globe. Hence any activity has to be carefully thought thru to appeal each and every one of these public options as well as offering a wholesome conceptual idea.

At the same time, the last Friday of July we'll also take part in Gallery Nights, the Arts and Culture monthly event in which Buenos Aires' galleries and museums open their doors to the public during the evening to enjoy a night of glamour and sophistication.

We're proud of the invitation and at the moment our team is working on the wholesome concept for the month show. We'll keep all our readers posted on news and updates!

If you need any more details and photos please let me know, best wishes like always from sunny Buenos Aires."

Bob Frassinetti.

Editor's Response: Congratulations on your upcoming special show. Argentina's rich toy car history deserves to be celebrated. Now, how can I get to Buenos Aires in July?