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The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via the 'Guest Book'.

"I have only just begun to collect model cars. I am crazy about Land Rovers. Do you have a list of the models for all brands? The number of brands in Singapore is very limited. Do you buy the models from other countries too? Will the UK and/or Hong Kong/China have more available? Thanks."

JL Sheng, Singapore

Editor's response: It is ironic that the most recent Land Rover to join my collection was sent to me from Malaysia. It is a new Tomica. There are quite a few Land Rover models currently available in 1:64 scale. One of our TofTC writers, Brian Willoughby collects the real thing and I'll talk with him about a story.

"Nice to see I am not the only person in the world that likes to collect Lone Star Impys, the poor brother of Dinky and Corgi toys."

Barry Thompson, Staffordshire, UK

Editor's response: I love the Impy cars, They are unique and still affordable.
"Fantastic Collection! I recently started collecting 1:64, and am still learning what is out there. Your site was/is very helpful. I also like your toy room - it gives me some ideas on displaying my collection. We also seem to share the same Motorhead thing, as I also am into collector cars, though I am not sure when I will begin to acquire any. Not enough $$ resources at this time. Thanks for the info on the web."

Derek Widmayer, Gaithersburg, MD

Editor's response: Glad the site is helping you with your collection. As You may have noticed, I finally decided to use some toy cars to buy a real dream car. Hot Wheels just are not as much fun on a twisty road as a Ferrari.

"Just a note to change my email address. I finally got a home computer and will read these issues at home. I am still amazed at the response and the quality articles I see here each month. I loved the artilces about the Playart cars a few months back. That brought back a lot of memories. Thanks again and continued success."

Joe Martin, Louisville, KY

Editor's response: Thanks Joe, I like the Playarts too.

"A friend told me he was collecting die cast cars of small about a year ago. He lives in Yokon Oklahoma. When I heard this I started laughing about him doing it. But he said No! I am searious about this Larry. But I kind of chucked it off and talked about something else. After he advise me to go to the internet and see for myself on these cars.

Well about a month went bye and I had to go see doctor. Well one thing lead to another in conversation and the doc leans back and looks at me and says. "Larry you got to much free time on your hands" get a "Hobbie". So here I am now. I went to the net and started looking at things. Shesssss, I thought its big on collectors. Seeing this I started to buy a few here and there. Then seen some were in sets of numbers so I had to look harder and get them too. For it is common sence that a complete set of anything is worth more then having part.

Now I started off with Hotwheels only. It grew and grew and then I seen some really neat matchbox cars and decided to add them to my cars for they were just really neat!

Then along came some really nice Racing Champions and I just had to add them also. Kind of like to day I went out and got me this really neat state police car for the state of Kentucky. Its a 1950 Ford 2 dr sedan with big red lights on fenders.. shess and then I seen this 1921 Fort Model T, with coca'cola on it. Well had to have it too.

In about a years time I have one heck of a collection of cars now. Even had to buy me this glass display to show some off.

Oh almost for got the thrift stores around here. I was at one the other day and found a Tootsietoy Fire Truck, made in Chicago and now I am trying to find out how old it is and its worth. Not that I am saleing mine. "s' But found this bus. White over black and it is made by Tomica, called a isuzu bonnet bus, no.6 s-1/110. Cant find a thing on it. If someone knows the worth of these two I mention please email me info (AMERICANDREAM@worldnet.att.net). "thanks" ps... I think I am addicted to small cars now..hahaha"

Larry Henry, Kansas City, Missouri

Editor's response: There is always room for one more.

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