Found in the Letterbox
The following are responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars'. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via e-mail

"Dear Sir, I write from France. Your site is fascinating. I am interested in some of the models you are selling or trading. As far as sales are concerned, I can pay you through paypal, if you accept. As far as trade is concerned, I can supply you with Majorette and Norev. Looking forward to hearing from you, soon. Best regards,"

Nelly Garrigues, France

Editors Response: I receive many e-mails like the one above and I am always interested in making trades. Unfortunately, Nelly did not include her e-mail address in the message so I cannot respond directly. I much prefer to make trades rather than sell models.

"Doug, I stumbled across your site last week and, "wow!" I was blown away by you and your guys dedication to the hobby. as I was reading through the archives of past articles, seeing pix of models I used to have as a kid brought back great memories. Are you a collector of the 1/87th scale cars, as well? Anyway, thanks again for your time and dedication in service to all of us collectors. Keep up the great work.

Kenny Lee

Editors Response: Thanks Kenny, on behalf of all those who contribute to TofTC. I do have a few 1:87 but this is not a major focus for me. They are just too darn small!

"Hi Doug, My fellow collector at my club (TOMOCI : Toys and Model Club Indonesia) offer member of the club the above two Carisma 1/64 die cast car made by Gulliver. From the picture he sent me. they were highly detailed, with real tampos and other detail. I will send you the picture on Monday. Have you ever heard of them? I search through your website to no avail, so I assume that you don't have them yet.

They were offered at USD9.00 each. They came in a plastic case like Autoart does. I learnt from a Japanese website which I found in Google, that the makers of Carisma is Gulliver. I found no further information about this Gulliver company.

Tommy Novel - Indonesia

Editors Response: Unfortunately, I have yet to find any Carisma models for my collection. They look great and I am a big fan of WRC rally cars. The price is on the high end and it would be interesting to compare these models to AUTOart and others. Thanks for the images.