Found in the Letterbox

The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via the 'Guest Book'.

" Hello,, I have been surching an Alfa Romeo Spider, 1955-1964 model, blue. It is an 1/64 scale, Lone star, Road master flyers. I bought it in Norway in 1970. I was then 4 years old. I protected it wery carefully, I did not even play with it... But I had a younger brother. It dissappeared, but 2 years ago, I found it! Completely smashed. It was my first car bought by myself, for my own saving money. It had been very nice to have a well protected model again. If you know anything about this model, or more correctly, were to get one, please contact me! Best regards,"

Anders Sandaas, Krager, Norway

Editor's response: Good news, I was able to make several suggestions to Anders and he found the Alfa Romeo on the Internet.
" I enjoyed your articles and have a question. I have a limited collection of model cars. However, my most interesting model is an Alfa Romeo P2 or P1. It is approxiamately 22 inches long and has knock off wire wheels and michelin tires. It has a clock work motor driven by a tin belt ! Unfortunately the motor does not work. I think the model was made in France in the 1920's. If anyone has any knowledge of this particular model I would be interested in finding out more!"

Mike Thorne, Canada

Editor's response: This is way outside my area of expertise, anyone have information for Mike?

"Your website is very interesting and your cars are some of the greatest I have ever seen."

Luke Morris Bailey, Malvern, PA

Editor's response: Thanks.

"Congratulations, the collection and the cars, and dates is great. I have a collection (350 aprox.) since 1969 1:200, 1:160, 1:87,1:64 1:58, 1:43, and some 1:24 and 1:18...and 2 esc. 1:1 (joke). I hope increase my collection."

Jesus Trigueros Flores, Monterrey, M»xico

Editor's Note: We all hope to increase our collections, that's what keeps us busy.