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The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via e-mail

Brian Willoughby sent on the following images to add to the Mitsubishi story that ran in the November issue. Thank you to the other readers who also mentioned some of these cars.

"Hi pkl,

Hot spot for removing decoration of Hot Wheels cars: use car polishing, best in my opinion is Johnson´s car garage (I think no more in production, but you can use similar products). The Paint will be untouched, and the tampos will go away in a few seconds. Happy collecting"

Seba from Germany

Editor's Note: Here is another tampo removal tip.

"Hello, I have a question re the Holden Taxi - is it billed as such on the packet? Being from Australia, I'm just curious. To be honest, I thought it looked like a Cadillac STS, but it' hard to tell from just the sideview. As always, TOTC is a delight to read, I am looking forward to the new edition every month. Best regards,"


Editor's Note: The Holden taxi shown in the November issue is not labeled as such. I thought it looked like an Oldsmobile Aurora but when I posted images on the Matchbox Forum, the response was that it was a Holden. I am sure it is not the Cadillac Seville STS, I wish it was!

"Hello Doug, I just finished reading the latest issue of TofTC and enjoyed it as always. I was a bit worried at first because the maintenance to the site by the Kaleden team took two days and was very relieved to see everything back up and running again. Anyway I wanted to share some pics with you of the '59 Cadillac Eldorado Woodie from the HotWheels Collectibles line that I recently got as part of a trade with Mac Ragan. Besides very good looking I can imagine this must be huge in real life! The Hot Wheels model is very cool. Going through Dave Weber's story on the pickup trucks I missed the Siku V222; Ford F500 as produced from '63 to '72. Though this is definately one of the larger trucks I think it still qualifies as a pickup. But then again I'm not the expert in the pickup field. Judging from the production years I'd say this is a '61 or '62 Ford. Thanks for another great read,"

Remco Natrop

Editor's Note: Here is Remco's image of the Siku truck. Is it a pickup or a larger commercial truck?

Mitsubishi Colt GS - Tomica

Mitsubishi Colt - Mandarin

Mitsubishi Hip Up Coupe Galant GTO MR - Playart

Mitsubishi Formula 2000