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The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via the 'Guest Book'.

"Interesting article on Jaguar saloons in the Dec issue. The Corgi Rockets Mk 2 with the unusual rear end treatment was, in fact, a model of the type of car that was used to drive winning drivers around motor racing tracks in a lap of honour. It was created to go alongside the Todd Sweeney and Derek Fiske super-stock cars also produced by Corgi Rockets at the same time - I am not sure whether there was ever a set produced with all three models. These platform equipped cars are particularly popular in the arena type tracks used for stock car racing (similar to midget racing in the U.S.A.) where the crowds can get close to the action.

Just a few comments regarding the fascinating series by Wood Smythe featuring TV and film related models. In part 5 he mentions the Corgi James Bond 'On Her Majesties Secret Service' models. These are EXTREMELY rare in the UK, and highly desirable. When you do eventually see them at toyfairs or auctions they can command silly prices. Recently, I saw all four models in mint packing, and when I asked the stallholder the price (out of interest), and was told it was £3000 for all four, I nearly fell over with shock! I seem to remember that they were pretty hard to find even when they came out in 1970.

I think only the SPECTRE Mercedes SL 'Pagoda' coupe was already in the Corgi Rockets range at that time, as this was one of the original line up. The Ford Capri 3000 GT was introduced into the Rockets range around the same time, and the only other version of the Rockets Ford Escort was the beautifully detailed rally car which won the 1970 (soccer) World Cup London to Mexico rally, which was introduced later in 1970. This model itself is very desirable and similarly expensive. The ski carrying Mercury Cougar that featured in the film was first introduced to the range in this guise, but another later version was finished in metallic olive green, and had a yellow platic Plymouth Superbird style high wing rear spoiler !! The Capri and Escort were supposed to replicate cars seen in the ice racing scenes from the film, but the Mercedes cars driven by SPECTRE agents in the film were 220 saloons. Corgi also featured two bobsleighs from the film in their Juniors range, and if anything, these are rarer and more valuable.

I hope this info helps. Currently Corgi Rockets models in general are rising in value this side of the pond, particularly the later model produced in 1970 and 1971 before production ceased, which are becoming very expensive. Well done for producing a cyber model car magazine - it is a great idea. Personally, I collect 1/43 1960s Corgis, 1/43 Minichamps Touring Cars and Le Mans racers, Hot Wheels Redlines, and FEs, as well as Johnny Lightnings (very hard to find in UK as they are not sold here) but I HAVE IT UNDER CONTROL !!!"

Nick Crowe, UK

Editor's reply: Thanks for this information. I've wondered for quite some time about the Jaguar Mk II model.

"As usual, the articles in your webzine were very enjoyable and informative. I was wondering if you or any of the webzine's writing contributors know of the Brazilian firm Kiko. I have heard that they made discontinued Corgi and Majorette models in Brazil during the 1980's. Has anyone heard about this?"


Editor's reply: As I told James, I'm a a complete loss here, can anyone else help?

"I have spent the last two hours going over your web site and I think it is wonderful, informative, and very useful to me. I started collecting Hot Wheels a few months ago, some of thebooks and people I have talked with never gave so much info."

Steven Stevenson, Ogden, Utah

Editor's reply: Thanks Steven, good luck with your collection.

"Hello: My name is Jeff Poindexter and I am working on a web site that will include a page on my Kenner Fast 111 collection. There are only really 38 models (your have accidentally skipped the #25 in your list.) However, Emergency Van and Blue Monday are the same casting, just different colors. E. Van is red and B. Monday is well blue, (It is common to find these two mixed in each other's packages.) I have 66 loose Fast 111 models and 57 packaged ones. Note: I have only seen the Cruiser Bruiser in white. Anyone with questions may contact me at"

Jeffrey Poindexter, Amarillo, Texas

Editor's reply: It seems that every diecast make has a website of it's own. These are great resources.

"Hi, Just stumbled across your webzine, quite excellent!! I have a question which you might help me out with. I've been a fan of Norev cars for many years, and it appears that they are alive again - or are they? They have a website "", and list some nice looking 1/43 cars there, but the website hasn't been updated for quite some time now. Has anyone seen any new Norev cars in the shops lately, of knows whether they are currently beng marketed? I've e-mailed Norev via the site in English and French, but did not get a response. Any ideas would be appreciated."

Patrick Scherf, Sydney, Australia

Editor's reply: Patrick is right, Norev has a Website and some models are being re-released. It appears that only 1:43 scale models are being re-issued so far. There is a Norev club in France that might have more information.