Volume VII, Number 2

Found in the Letterbox
The following are responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars'. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via e-mail

"Dear Doug,

 You might remember me from the Welly models you sent me a while ago (1 year). I am an avid reader of your ToTC, and I am also a collector of Matchbox Miniatures. Because it is extremely difficault to obtain new Matchbox releases in South Africa, I build my own or convert existing other brands to look like Matchbox. I fully agree with your regular comment about the ghastly wheels on some models. The 5-spoke wheel from Matchbox, although not perfect, looks better on some cheapies, and, as an added advantage I can display them with my Matchbox models, and they fit in quite happily. I am including some photos of models that I modified.

Hotwheels make super models, but spoil them by adding features that make them look silly. In the pictures I have the following:-

8-Crate changed back into a Ford Fairlane Station Wagon (Please note clear windows and new interior). Montezooma chnged back into a Chevy Monte Carlo, by adding a roof. An Austin Healy with engine removed and bumpers added back.

The Pioneer McLaren 3-seater was changed into a black road version and a racing version with Fina sponsorship.

With the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII I opened the rear aerofoil and repainted the model with similar but correct sponsorship.

The next car is a Cizeta Moroder V16T, constructed from a Lamborghini Diablo.

I also converted a Lincoln Town Car Limousine into a Hearse.

The last picture is of the Welly Alfa you sent me. I changed the wheels and refinished the bottom section in white and also painted the windscreen frame white to blend in with the rest of the body.

Keep up the good work at ToTC, I cannot wait to read the new monthly issues. I specifically enjoy the additions to your collection every month. It would be wonderful to get a source to purchase the models for my own collection.


Ernst Wepener.

Editor's Response: Thank you for the images. I wish I had your talent.

"Doug, if no one else has stepped up to help yet, I have 3 (Norev) Mini-Jet cars that aren't pictured in your story: 408 Citroen Dyane, royal blue 423 Volvo 264, turquoise metallic 4?? Simca Horizon, copper/bronze Let me know if you're interested in pictures. If they're not sharp enough I'll try em again."

Mike Nelson

Editor's Response: Thank you adding to the Mini-Jet story.

Citroen Dyane - Norev

Simca Horizon - Norev

Volvo 264 - Norev