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The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via e-mail

"Just thought I'd drop a note to let Mr. Smythe know how much I enjoyed his articles entitled Movie Star Cars in Miniature. I can't believe that I hadn't come across this site earlier. My best friend has collected 1/64th die cast for years and kept trying to get me involved. It wasn't until I started seeing the Johnny Lightning collection that I decided to start collecting. Then as I started tracking down ERTL, Corgi and Kenner cars via the web. I currently have 120 cars devoted to Cartoons TV and Movies. So when I came across these articles I was in heaven, not only the type of cars but just 1/64th scale. I want to let Mr. Smythe know that I agree with him on most points. especially the fact that Matchbox does a shoddy job. I'm surprised to see how many I had for your article and in the like to see them make department I think the Mad Max Interceptor and the '71 white Challenger from Vanishing Point, as well as the Beverly Hillbillies truck as you mentioned would top my list. If you get a chance please E-mail me back. Thanks for your time and your knowledge."

Mike Van Kirk, Reno NV

Editor's Response: I know Wood Smyth worked very hard on the Star Cars article and will appreciate your comments. I agree that the Mad Max cars would be fun.

"Hello Doug,

Here's the identification of the unknown numbers from your Playart list:

7281 - Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen
7275 - Opel Senator (I haven't seen a Commodore, please send a pic)
7274 - BMW 633CSi (Road Mates package say just "BMW 633")
7257 - Triumph TR8
7213 - American Police Van (Playart catalog calls it Ford Police

Tactical Force Van)
7209 - American Ambulance Van (Playart catalog calls it Ford Paramedic Van)


7204 - VW Gulf or Rabbit GTI? (not sure)
7225 - Mercedes Benz 500 SEC
7235 - Rover 3500
7240 - Front Cab (Kenworth)
7261 - Turbo Mustang convertible
?? - Escort (European style but with left hand drive) Can't find the number on body, doesn't look like any other Playart

Economy version: (2-1/2" long, no windows, with or without one piece plastic interior/base)

7350 - Jeep
7351 - Volkswagen Beetle
7352 - Jaguar E
7353 - Lamborgini Muira
7354 - Water truck
7355 - VW-Porsche 914
7356 - Abarth
7357 - Alfa Romeo Scarabeo
7358 - Opel GT
7359 - Twinmill ? (need to verify)
7360 - Dune Buggy
7361 - Mercedes C-111


You have the Lamborghini Silhouette listed as 7200 and 7210. I believe 7210 is the correct number and 7200 is still unknown at this time.


I came across your site and Steve Shaw's site a few years ago. I really enjoyed your Playart articles because there was so little written about them. I sent Steve a list of all the Playart numbers and descriptions from my catalog and he was able to fill in a lot of blanks on his list back then. Since then I have met over a dozen collectors via the internet or toy shows and have been working on a list of variations. I keep finding more foreign packaging and cars from Japan with Japenese writing so my list is always being updated. My plan is to send it out to the other collectors so they can fill in any blanks. If there is enough interest I would like to start a club to share this info with other collectors.

Keep up the great job!"

Larry Habarth (

Editor's Response: Larry, I really appreciate the help with identifying more of Playart's interesting diecast cars. I've provided your e-mail address for anyone interested in the idea of a Playart collector's club.