Found in the Letterbox

The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via the 'Guest Book'.

"All I can say is , thank you for a well done job on one of the best web site, EVER! Keep up the good work."

Raed Ammari, Amman, Jordan

Editor's response: It is always a delight to hear from a new collector. Look for Raed's Yat Mi ng article in this issue.

"My fantasy hot wheels five pack is:

car 1 1937 mercedes-benz 540k
car 2 1931 model j by dusenberg
car 3 1939 auburn 852 speedster
car 4 1937 bugatti t50t profilee
car 5 1936 cord 810 beverly sedan
with the addition of the1936 phantom cosair

set two

car 1 1998 mercedes-benz clk-lm (1999 fe)
car 2 1998 panoz esperante gtr-1 (1998 fe)
car 3 1996 oldsmobile auroura gts-1
car 4 1998 toyota pikes peak celica
car 5 1998 porsche 911-gt1 race version

Darrin Dudding, Jersey City, New Jersey

Editor's response: Look for more fantasy five-packs next monthin TofTC.

"Hello Doug, Hey I wrote you before. Still enjoy reading this sight every month. I wonder if you could tell me about the Super GT series of Matchbox cars? My son got a very beat up Ford GT40 like car which underneath says Matchbox, Super GT, 1985 BR19/20 (along with some other stuff). Someone is currently selling 2 packs of cars on E-bay, similar to it (ie black in windows, same wheel style, uninspired tampos, dorky-looking wheels, etc). My sons, although beat up, is very cool, and I can't seem to find another model like it. Any info you can supply would be appreciated. Thanks,"

Virgil Fulton, Derby, Kansas

Editor's response: The Super GT series from Matchbox were re-issues of older castings with minimal tampos and smoked windows. Universal Matchbox offered these in the 1980's, often in a two-pack with 1:43 scale cars. This did offer some color variations on cars like the GT40 and Lotus Europa. The value of these, especially in non-mint condition is very low but they are a curiousity.

"Dear Doug, been here several times now, can't get enough, so I come back time after time.(should you not bring out a book about Brands?) Haven't had much on Dutch brands yet; still collecting? Each story you display I copy for my own data backup; since I use Netscape 4.5 I get strange lines running through the story. Know a solution? Keep up with updating = it's still the site I know of.

Henk Hendriks,Veghel, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands.

Editor's response: While I've written several books on other subjects, my diecast writings are limited to online and articles for magazines like Toy Cars and Vehicles. I have asked Henk to consider doing an article on Efsi or Edocars and he is interested. I prepare all the TofTC pages on a Macintosh PowerBook G3 and they are best viewed with Internet Explorer. I realise that when viewed on PC platforms with Netscape, the pages turn out different. I wish I had a solution.