Found in the Letterbox

The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via e-mail

"Hi Doug,
2 more to add to your list in the article are #6154 Dodge Charger and #6155 Ford Torino. You have one of the best sites on the web. The information I learn from your site is very helpful. I have you to thank for my renewed interest in Playart cars (I had many and destroyed many). I am a diecast collector of nearly 34 years. I have roughly 34,000 cars- all makes. My favorites are Topper Johnny Lightning (3100 cars)and Cigar Box. Thanks again."

Peter Modaffari

Editor's reply: Wow, 34,000! I thought I had a big collection but Peter is in another league. Perhaps we can tempt him to provide some articles for TofTC.

"First of all, let me tell you it´s a pleasure to be able to speak to you. When I discovered your page several months ago, I haven´t stopped visiting it. I´m still really astonished, for you represent who I wanna be in the future. Just one question: I´ve got a full list of my collection made with Access (you know, that database). Is there any way of pasting it in my page? Just ´cos I feel a little lazy when thinking about re-entering over 700 pieces one by one.

No more things to tell you for the time being. Hope we can have any "chat" or something similar, whatever you can think about; about that terrific hobby called "toy car collecting" Your nº1 fan,"

Manuel Ansón Montiel

Editor's reply: I have asked the technical support people at to look for a way that members can up-load their entire list of cars as Manuel suggests. We are looking for a way to do this.

"Hello! Mr.Doug Breithaupt.

How do you do. I am Japanese toy car collector Takashi Yashiro, 42years old living in Tokyo. I have 2 sons, 8 and 6years old. I collected MACHBOX in my childhood during1966 to 1970. But I changed my interest from toy car to plastic models, rock music, European movies and 19th century's novels as time passes. When I became a father, I met my son's toy car (TOMICA) again. and I 've remembered the days full of discoveries and delights. So, I re-started my toy car collection 8 years ago. Now I collect 3600 models toy cars(2500 are TOMICA).

I found your homepage full of love for toy car last summer. And I was surprised your wonderful toy car list. I can get a lot of information from your list! To tell the truth. One day, I tried to access your list with humming. But I could't access! member ship? site moved? Oh my god! Where is my Mr.Doug Breithaupt!? I thought there was no doubt that your homepage had changed member's only by some reasons! I thought in panic I must entry in for meet your excellent homepage again. I decided and done all, but I couldn't find your homepage in the member's zone. After few minutes, I could find your list and many dear contents in open space! After all, my poor English-like this composition-arise this happening.

But now, I can get your contact. Though I 'm afraid what I can do, I'm very very glad to be a member of your community and be your friend. Thank you for your reading my destructive English! I hope I can introduce my collection someday. Sayonara! Mr.Doug Breithaupt. My best regards,"

Takashi Yashiro, Tokyo, Japan

Editor's reply: I realise that many TofTC readers were surprised by the changes to the Webzine when we connected with We are still smoothing out some of the bugs associated with the new pages and features. I am sorry for any inconvenience and I think that the value added to our site will out-weigh any initial difficulties. If Takashi thinks his English is destructive, he should see my Japanese!

"Hi Doug,

Nice idea on the collective, but it's a little confusing getting into your normal pages. Further more it's not that clear when on a page how to get back to yours. The webmaster has been sending me some mails about no registration confirming; why is this nessacary? It's a little simuliar to Yahoo but not easier. Regards,"

Henk Hendriks

Editor's reply: Again, the transition to the new pages has had a few rough spots but I think we are getting them fixed. To acces TofTC, it is best to go to /toycar.html and then select the 'Tales of Toy Cars' tab from the new home page. While membership is not required to view any of the TofTC pages, why not join our community as Henk has done and take full advantage of all the new features. Membership is free and we will have special memnber benefits in future that you won't want to miss. If you sign up as a member, an e-mail will be sent to you to confirm your registration. Simply follow the directions and you will be provided with your password confirmation for future log-on. Site navigation should allow you to return to the community home page from any other page. Thanks for the feedback on the recent changes. With your help we will continue to make the site better.