Found in the Letterbox

The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars'. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via e-mail

"Hey, what a treat your web site is! Much as many I've read of, I've loved miniature cars since I was in kindergarten. I now have around 4,300 hundred diecast, half of which are NASCAR-related. Much of what I enjoy about a trip is the many stops I make any time I'm in an area away from home looking to see what I might discover on a given shelf. While my daughter and I were in Houston this past Christmas we discovered 'The Dollar Tree' chain of stores. I bought out about everything Johnny Lightning they had. Unbelieveable. (Hope they'll expand into Washington state or, better yet, the good Lord will see fit to return me to Texas someday.) It looks like I'll be making a business trip to Norway in May. Any suggestions about what to look for and where while there?

Here's the reason I'm writing. Do you guys have any plans to someday feature an article on diecast trailerables? I find myself going to toy shows looking for boats, watercraft, U-haul trailers, farming implements, etc. and thought I'd not seen an article on your site yet that featured them. What do you think, is there any interest to other readers for some copy and images of these types of diecast? I have maybe 30-40 in my collection and would love to see what's out there (or what used to be) in this genre. Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to your April edition."

Steve Newby, Federal Way, WA

Editor's Response: Steve, what would a road trip be without some toy car hunting on route? I'll see if any of our contributors want to do a 'trailerables' story. Sorry, I've never been to Norway. Can any readers help?

"Hi. I have been reading your webpage for a while. I am so grateful to find such extensive coverage of diecast toycars. I am a 20 something chinese living in toronto. Just to let you know I find it curious that you did not have a 1983 tomica casting of the 4-door Audi turbo. Sorry english is not my first language, can someone else clarify this omission? I just recently got this model from my primary school friend who gave me as a gift. It is not in perfect condition, but boy was I grateful to have this model. I think Tomica is the only manufacturer to have this casting, or correct me if i am wrong for those who know. Maybe Siku might have done it. Thanks"

Ken Tsoi, Toronto, Canada

Editor's Response: Ken, you're right, I do not have the Tomica Audi 5000 Turbo. Somehow, I've missed this one. I do have the CF copy of this model and it is quite good as you can see. It has rubber tires and a pull-back motor. I'll be doing a story on these CF cars soon.