Found in the Letterbox

The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via the 'Guest Book'.

"Looking for 2,000 Lotus type miniatures per your 1990 picture. Please advise if this or another model of this size is available.
Thank you"

Bob Missle

Editor's response: No, I'm not going into the production of toy cars, at least not for now. I included this inquiry for two reasons. First, I seldom have more that one example of a particular model for sale or trade. Second, out of curiousity, I contacted Johnny Lightning's promotional models representative and asked what it would cost to do 2,000 of theirLotus Esprit models (from the James Bond series). He explained that 5,000 is their minimum promo order and that they could provide a one-color run with tampo message or logo, on a common or custom blister card for about $4.50 per car. The special blister card would add about $.25 each. If you have wondered about this too, be prepared to pay $23,000 for such a run. Then, you have your marketing and distribution costs as well. This is not a way to get rich.

"Hi, I am owner of a Jaguar XJ6 ser. 3. 1986 in concourse class. My great wish is to collect one or more models in scale 1:18 and or 1:43 of my car. It should be a growing interest in the commercial market for Jaguar XJ 6/12 or Daimler Double six. ser. 3. also ser. 2 and 1. Those cars are more and more a collector item in Jaguar clubs now, and this owners want models of their cars. Collectors of model cars world wide also wish a model of a Jaguar XJ6/12 and Daimler. It is now many manufactures of the E type and MK II, but any manufacture make XJ6 ser. 3. The only model I have seen of Jaguar XJ6/12 is a Herpa in scale1:87. I hope you take my request very seriously, and I hope you give me a feedback!"

Nils-Jrgen Kj rnet, Langhus, Norway

Editor's response: I agree that the beautiful Jaguar XJ sedans are seriously under-represented in all scales. How is it that the most beautiful sedan ever built has received such limited attention from diecast manufacturers? The 1:87 herpa is the only S-3 I have as well. Only Corgi did the S-1 in 1:64 scale. The S-2 has fared better with an XJ12 in 1:64 by Ertl, an XJ12 in 1:32 by Matchbox, an XJ12 in 1:43 by both Solido and Tomica Dandy, an XJ6 in 1:24 by Polistil, an XJ12C in 1:64 by Guisval and an XJ12C in 1:32 by Corgi.