Found in the Letterbox
The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars'. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via e-mail

"Dear Doug,
I have a nice place in the net, I very happy when I see the images of your cars collection, I remember my childhood again. I have a collection too, around of 2000 pieces from 1975 to present I write from Guadalajara, México the place of mariachi and tequila. The brand I have are, hot wheels, matchbox, majorette, maisto, welly and tomica in this order. When I see the pictures say "the five pictures saw, have four", in the future I send you some pictures of my more rare cars of the collection. congratulation for the site, is very cool sincerely"

Roberto Montero 36 years old Guadalajara, Jalisco México

Editor's Reply: We all need to re-live our childhood or start a second one.

"Hello Doug:
Thank you for give us a great page, great pictures and great stories. Here in Mexico we are top fans of Matchbox (by Lesney) and old Hot Wheels, and we proudly owned the very rare and scarce Mexican Hot Wheels (from 1983-1987). Those cars are beauty, and you can find them mint on blisterpack in old toystores of little towns of Mexico.... So, we are starting a little page, called DIECAST MEXICO, to all speak spanish guys who likes scale cars but don´t speak english. Since you have a lot of visits from Spain (Guisval are cool!!!), Argentina (Galgo, Buby and Jet... woow!!) and other countries, please advice for the follow address: . Every month, we place a little history about our collection cars, and have some news about Hot Wheels... And for all speak/english who wants to see how is our perspective about scale cars, don´t forget to visit too!! Best Regards from sunny Cancun (by the way, today very rainy... he he he!!!)"

PACO CERVANTES, Cancun, Mexico

Editor's Reply: Glad you enjoy 'Tales of Toy Cars'. I will pass on your message to our readers. Congratulations on starting your own diecast site for Spanish speakers.