Found in the Letterbox

The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via e-mail

"Doug, Thanks again for another interesting set of articles. To your "Stars and Stripes" article I want to add a few Matchbox models with liveries that fit in with the theme; see pictures attached. Surprisingly there are not many to be found: MB 68-C Chevy Van, issued in 1981. MB 130 Sauber Group C Racer, issued in a Racing 5 pack in 1996. MB 257 Mustang Mach III, single issues from 1997 and 1998 respectively. On the subject of Imperial I want to point you to an old thread on the MB Community site ( which suggests some connection between Imperial and Yatming. Obviously some Yatming models were occasionally sold under the Imperial name, but I do not know any other details about this. My belief until now had been that Imperial is just another brand name under which Yatming models have been sold, but I may be wrong. Finally, what you call a "BMW 633 CSi" is most certainly a Nissan Silvia of the first generation as made from 1965 to 1968, ancestor of what was later called Nissan 200 SX on most markets. The model may be a bit longer and lower than the real car, but the similarity is still striking. I am attaching a picture of the real car. Best wishes"

Christian Falkensteiner, Linz, AUSTRIA

Editor's Response: Thanks for the clarification on the Nissan Silvia (above right) and the additions to the Stars and Stripes cars.


This month of July will be a real burner... for my wallet ! American Muscle, Tomica and Welly are at least available in Paris, and except for the Welly, they are rather expensive (and buying twenty Welly isn't cheap !).

I must remember that my flat is tiny, and that I couldn't afford to collect the huges 1:18 scale cars... But did you see Anson's Christine ? Haaaargh !

Another way to kill my budget (and you might be interested) is to find shop specialized in old toys... So I've found VERY interesting models. The eldest looks like a pre-war Cadillac from Tootsie Toy. From the british Standard, I catched a Packard and a Plymouth from the fifties, and finally, from the french ClÈ (key), I discovered Peugeots 203 and 403. I'll manage to send photos, but first, I must buy them... I already saw two Plymouth and two 203.

Ho, by the way, have a very nice fourth of July."

Frederic, Paris, France

Editor's Response: And a 'bon Quatorze Juliet' right back.

"Majorette also made a Porsche 928 - I didn't notice it listed in the article on these cars. The model was initially in the "Sonic Flasher" range, but was recently released as part of the standard range.)


James Price

Editor's Response: Brian and I missed the Majorette 928, shame on us.

"Hello Doug, How are you doing, expanding the collection as always I believe? Well so do I. Recently I've obtained two playart tanker trucks, 1:60, Shell & Exxon. I got it for $4 each, and 37 new Hotwheels 2001 as well as Maisto. I would like to tell you that die-cast lover in Indonesia have finally form a club, called TOMOCI (Toys and Model Collector Indonesia). Most of its members are toy and model vehicle collectors. We collect 1/60, 1/43, 1/18, tin plate toys, etc. We will launch our new club and very soon. Wish us good luck okay... Regards, Your fellow collectors friends from hectic Indonesia. Bye now..."

Tommy Novel, Indonesia

Editor's Response: It sounds like the new Hot Wheels are easier to find in Indonesia!