Volume IX, Number 4

Found in the Letterbox
The following are responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars'. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via e-mail

On the trail of Auldey

Editors Note: The following message and image shown above were recently received. After a bit more digging and some help from members of the MCCH Diecast Forum, more information on Auldey was discovered. Here are the highlights.

"Attached is a photo of four 1/64 diecast vehicles I found at a dollar store in the wilds of British Columbia, part of a Dreamland Die-Cast Vehicles Collection by Auldey. The back of the card shows 24 vehicles in all.

Have you ever heard of the Auldey brand? The card says they're made by the Guangdong Auldey Toy Industry Ltd. in Guangdong, China. The copyright date is 2004, and the company has a website at auldey.Com.

The cars have opening side doors and appear to be maybe a Nissan Skyline R-model and the other being a Ford European model, perhaps a Scorpio. The bus has an open staircase in its detailed interior, and the TV truck looks like it has an extending satellite dish.

Keep up the great work at breithaupts.com. I enjoy your periodical very much. Thank you!

Grant Aldous, Surrey, BC

Editor's Note: I asked for further details on where these were found.

"Hi Doug -

The store was called Only Deals, and the cars were just $1 each. Apparently Only Deals is a national chain (head office in Winnipeg) but I'd never heard of them before. I just located a website at http://www.onlydeals.ca/aboutus_history.shtml "

Editor's Note: I then posted an inquiry on the MCCH Forum and received these responses.


You may recall a collector from China who posted pictures of these and another completely separate brand by another firm which were prototypes of actual Chinese vehicles (not to be confused with these Tomica like gems).

What is very interesting is that the manufacturer, Gungond Auldey, is based in Shanghai and not Hong Kong.

I did receive one example, a minivan, which I could not place a name on. They all look real nifty."

Kimmo Sahakangas, California

"Here are two pages - Unfortunately, it's all in Chinese:


I agree with you totally, they are really nice and cute little cars.

Kimmo is right - the name is GuangDong Auldey (pronounced as the automaker AUDI and is "from Canton".) but its headquarters is really in ShangHai!"

Kevin, Vancouver, B.C.

Editor's Note: I visited the links provided by Kevin and downloaded the eight images shown here as examples of Auldey models. The models are not identified on the Website.