Found in the Letterbox

The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via the 'Guest Book'.

"Dear Doug, I just want to congratulate you on a first rate site. I look forward to reading your articles, which are all extremely well researched. It is good to see that you promote the hobby, and enjoy it for its own sake, instead of profiteering on cars. I recently looked at an ebay auction, and I noticed that IMPY models identical to ones you were selling at your own site for a very fair price were being sold for twice as much. I suspect that they were purchased for resale. I find that disappointing, though it is refreshing to see you sell older pieces at reasonable prices.

When I look at your site, I just cringe at the thought that about fifteen years ago, there was a mail order company in Connecticut that sold many diecast models that were discontinued or manufactured by relatively-unknown companies. Models were sold at prices ridiculously low by today's standards. For instance, prices for a Buby Ford Falcon or Chevy Nova were $2, the models were in new condition, and they had many in stock. As far as I know, the company no longer exists, which is unfortunate. I took for granted they would always be in business, and that the prices would remain low.

Thank you for providing this service to colelctors, especially those of us who share your appreciation of all 1/64 scale diecast.

name not provided

Editor's response: I wish I had known about this company, thanks for the kind words.

"Hello, First: thanks a lot about your great site and photos! When I found your site I got the idea and power to make a presentation of my quite little collection of Citroen Diecast models. You can see them at: <>. It's not ready, only the 1/86 models are there, but I'll continue my work. Ps. Your SM is a Dream!!"

Mikko Salonen, Finland

Editor's response: It is a pleasure to encourage other collectors to share their collections online.

"I have a question. I work for the forest Service and I found a Maisto 5 set forest service series at a pharmacy recently. I picked it up immediately. When I browsed through I saw your site and saw the set you have, but something is odd. Your set came with an ambulance. My set came with with the Ford explorer, helicopter, bulldozer, pump truck, and a fire engine with a retractable ladder. I was wondering if there were two different sets from the forest service series, or did the company screwed up on the series. If you know of anything, send me a message. Also, If you found any more forest service sets and have any plans of selling it, let me know as well. Thanks"

Hector Socias

Editor's response: To say that toy Forest Service vehicles are rare would be an understatement. I was very surprised, and pleased to see Maisto produce this set. It appears that they have substituted several vehicles in the set. As you noted, I received anambulance with my set while you received a fire engine with ladder. I can guess that it was decided that a fire engine was more appropriate for the set. Does the Forest Service even have any ambulances? I hope that Maisto does some more Forest Service vehicles but I would not count on it. A pick-up truck would be appropriate and the new Ford Expidition SUV woud be a possibility. Are there other common Forest Service vehicles?

"I am curious, I have a Kidco (1980) made in Macao, Red Ferrari. In your list you mention Hong Kong, is it the same?

Victor Gaudet, St Nicholas, PEI, Canada

Editor's Note: My Kidco Ferrari 308 says 'Made in Macao' as well. I have a yellow GTS that is dated 1981 and a red plastic-bodied version dated 1980 that says 'Magnum P.I.' on the tail. Sorry for the confusion.

"Hello, I've looked on your homepage. It's very good. I'm also collecting cars in 1:64 scale. My collection is not so big as yours but it will grow. Go on, have my blessings!"

Stefan Kremer, Engelskirchen, Germany

Editor's response: Thank you.

"Here is my list of favorites in my 1/64 collection. Considering I only collect diecast Ferraris my list is a little bigoted.

Corgi Juniors - Ferrari 512S
Tomica - Ferrari 308 GTB
Kidco - Ferrari 312 T2
Playart - Fiat Dino (one of two non Ferraris on my list)
Hot Wheels - Ferrari 355 spider
Husky - Ferrari 250 Berlinetta
Speedy - Ferrari 330 P4
Penny - Ferrari 330 P4
Yatming - Ferrari 512 BB
Zee - Ferrari 365 GT BB
Majorette - Ferrari 312 T2
Siku - Ferrari 288 GTO
Maisto - Ferrari 250 GTO
Matchbox - Ferrari Berlinetta (250 GT Lusso)
Ertl - Dino 246 GT (The other non Ferrari on my list)

Although Dinos are technically not Ferraris, I have no problem considering them as such. I know I broke the rules by including the same model by two different manufacturers, but I have a limited collection to consider.

Thanks for a GREAT web site. I always look forward to a new month."

Terry Daniel, Phoenix, Arizona

Editor's response: As a Ferrari owner and collector, I enjoyed your list very much. I would like to offer my own all-Ferrari list in return. Would you be interested in writing up your list as a story for TofTC? Do you have a digital camera to provide images? If not, I have most of the Ferrari models on your list. I am missing the Speedy, Penny, Playart and Kidco models on your list. Here is my list.

Corgi Juniors - Ferrari 512S
Tomica - Ferrari 512BB
Kidco - Ferrari 308GTS
Hot Wheels - Ferrari 312P
Husky - Ferrari 250 Berlinetta
Penny - Dino Pininfarina (prototype)
Yatming - Ferrari 355 Berlinetta
Zee Toys - 365GT BB
Majorette - Ferrari F40 (Deluxe Edition)
Siku - Ferrari 275GTB
Maisto - Ferrari 250GTO
Ertl - Dino 246GT
Road Champs - Ferrari Testarossa
Johnny Lightning (Topper) - Ferrari 250GTO
Novacar - Ferrari 348
Speed Wheels - Ferrari 512 BB
Guisval - Ferrari F1 1989
Aurora Cigarbox - Dino 206SP
Real Toy - Ferrari F1 1994
Darda - Ferrari F1 1995
Galgo - Ferrari 308GT Racer
Summer - Ferrari P3

As you noted, It is not possible to avoid duplication of models in an all-Ferrari list. I'm very glad you enjoy the site, thank you for the kind words.