Found in the Letterbox

The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via the 'Guest Book'.

"Lovely article about the Puerto Rican HW racing. It brought back memories. I spoke to my brother in law abut this - we both remembered that the Matchbox VW Beetle (No.15 - but the SF version not the earlier autosteer one) performed better than many others. Corgi Rockets also did well, they were heavy and had a degree of suspension. (We did not know each other at the time)

I can't find any other articles refering to this recent craze. My search engines just keep refiding this article. Any suggestions?"

Chris Pryor, Lancs, UK

Editor's response: No suggestions on other articles on this topic. Prehaps one of our Puerto Rican readers can suggest something?

"Hello, I'm Japanese TOMICA and Lone star collector. I made English TOMICA site. <> There are my 800 collection and new product information, a forum. Talking want to do me with a world TOMICA collector with a forum. Regards,"

Akihisa Yamaguchi ("Oji"), Tookamachi-shi Niigata-Ken, Japan

Editor's response: Tomica and Lone Star are wonderful diecast, good luck.

"Hi Doug, Wonderful site. I know how much time goes into such a product. Just a comment on your notes on the 1999 Hot Wheels Cords. I'm sure you know by now that Mattel has released several more colors, including at least one with wide whitewalls. And, while everyone has an opinion, it's the fastback sedan the Mattel chose that is the true Cord "icon". Designer Gordon Buehrig loved it best. In a recent poll on my CordNet website ( more visitors chose the Westchester fastback sedan as the best-looking Cord design than all the convertibles put together! (Just opinions, of course :) Keep up the fine work."

Josh Malks

Editor's response: I love all the Cord models and the Westchester is beautiful. Personally, I'll take the convertible every time.

"Howdy, I was surfing the net for info on Lonestar "Impy" diecast cars and came aross your web page.Then I noticed your address and realized that we are basically neighbors, what are the chances of that! I like to collect 1:64 size diecast from mid-late 70's and earlier. So any info you could share would be great.What is the deal with the Lonestar "flyers",are they new versions of the older "Impy" ones I've been collecting for about 2 years and still feel sorta new to the hobby. thanks for any help,"

Kyle Jacobs, Sequim, WA

Editor's Note: Indeed we are neighbors and we were able to connect face-to-face for some serious toy car play time.

"HongWells are Wellys under a different trade name. I collect Wellys, especially playsets and pullbacks. (Serious collectors riducule me for doing this, but I have fun collecting and it doesn't cost as much.) Good Page! I especially like the quality of your photos. Regards,"

Bruce Mibeck, Abbott Park, IL

Editor's Note: The Welly-Hongwell connection is news to me, very interesting. I also like many of the Welly castings in 1:64 and 1:36.
"Dear Doug, Your site is truly a delight, and considering that the information is provide for free, it is a true service to the collecting community. I think an intriguing feature that you might wish to add would be stories on how people have gotten into collecting, and why they collect what they collect. I am particularly interested in your own story, which seems to have culminated with this website. How do you acquire your models, especially the older and more unusual ones. Again, thanks for providing us with this site!"

J. Fisher

Editor's Note: I have shared my own story in an early issue of TofTC. Most of my older models come through two sources these days. I either find them at local toy shows or I trade for them with other collectors via the Internet. I have yet to buy any cars on E-Bay but the day may come.

"G'Day, Being a reasonable new collector for Lone Star I have found your page of great interest. As catalouges do not offer much in the line of Lone Star one is at a loss to look for. But making contact with others and finding out different models. At a car-boot last week I managed to purchase part of a Lone Star N guage diesel loco and a couple of carriages. Also figures. Cheers"

Tony Miller, Cambridge, England

Editor's Note: The Welly-Hongwell connection is news to me, very interesting. I also like many of the Welly castings in 1:64 and 1:36.