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"Hi Doug: The story was great, I received calls from some of your enthusiasts and they directed me to it. We have been very busy here lately, I am not sure if you know that there are only two of us in the US office. (Myself and Lisa Von Epp) So, we handle the whole operation of Gateway. Below please find information on new AUTOart Junior products.
Additions to the Junior line (Below please find 4 new additions to the 1/64 line, available early fall 2002.)

20221 ­ Subaru New Age Impreza WRX Sti (blue)
20222 ­ Subaru New Age Impreza WRX Sti (white)
20231 ­ Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII (yellow)
20232 ­ Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII (blue)

The pricing will differ slightly from the current 1/64 models. You may call us or e-mail us to receive the retail pricing.
Thank you for your attention, we look forward to your orders and positive reviews. Regards,"

Ingrid Ivankova
Gateway Global, Inc.

Editor's Reply: These will certainly be popular models with rally fans.

"Hi! I notice that in an article on rally cars in small scale you mention the lack of the Lancia Delta Integrale, I am able to confirm that a roughly 1/55 (at a guess) model was made by Guiloy. I would be interested to know your knowledge on Playart Lancia Fulvia I have it in red/black plastic, red/yellowplastic, green met./yellow plastic, vivid orange/yellow plastic, maroon/yellow plastic (although this one has been meddled with could (maybe) be a repaint, do you know of any others?

Leaving out the Stratos models, I have as follows all approx 1/64 some are d/c some plastic all below are diecast husky flaminia sedan BLUE, playart fulvia coupé RED/ORANGE/GREEN/MAROON made in hong kong, fulvia coupé # wt-8108 (possibly by 'tin toys' is similar to their 1/43 copy of the diapet but without the detail) GREEN, mercury Aurelia sedan RED, penny (politoys) flavia sport zagato RED/GREEN, majorette montecarlo YELLOW/WHITE MARTINI/WHITE LUBRIFILM, mira 037 YELLOW, guiloy 037 BLUE made in china delta s4 SILVER/YELLOW, polistil beta montecarlo martini WHITE made in china beta montecarlo (copy of above) WHITE made in poland(?) gamma sedan GREEN, darda delta S4 WHITE. All below are plastic, cggc fulvia coupé YELLOW, v.crude fulvia coupé (believed ex-cereal giveaway obtained from Australia!), ORANGE APS appia sedan (APS= polistil) BLUE, APS appia pininfarina coupé WHITE/YELLOW/ORANGE, ingap flavia sedan BLUE, ingap aurelia spider BLUE, aurelia b20 (very crude possibly by EKO but not certain) BLUE, EKO aprilia (from a kit) RED."

Alan Cooper

Editors' Reply: Alan, thanks for the opportunity to compare Lancia lists in 1:64 scale. Unfortunately, there are far too few once one subtracts the Stratos models. The Hong Kong Fulvia you mentioned is not familiar to me.

"Hi Doug, In case you're interested the (Lone Star) book is now available via mail order. Please log onto: . The website has been revamped since publication of the book and now has a 'without obligation' message board. Simply click on the "Illustrated book" button and all the information necessary to obtain a copy of the book is displayed there. This includes an image of the book's front cover and "Contents" page. The basic price for the 196-page quality paperback is £19.50 plus P.& P.(according to country of destination) Best wishes,"

G. S. Ambridge, P.O.Box 159, Polegate, BN26 6AX, U.K.

Editor's Reply: Geoffrey Ambridge has written an excellent book on the history of Lone Star with much information on the diecast cars produced as Impy Roadmaster and Flyer models.

"Hi! I'm a high school student about to go into my jr. year but I have to start my seinor project early. I'm doing it on diecast cars. I'm having a bit of trouble finding info on this topic. I was wondering if you could help me out. I would really be thankful if you did."


Editor's Reply: I would be happy to help in any way I can. Let me know if you have specific questions.

Lancia Delta Integrale - Guiloy

Lone Star book by Geoffrey Ambridge

rare Impy Lone Star Vauxhall Firenza model