Found in the Letterbox
The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via the 'Guest Book'.

"I looked at your Ferrari collection. It is impressive. With the recent developments in the Ferrari liscensing you are lucky to have such a collection. I only recently discovered this hobby and love it! I have been searching high and low for a Ferrari 328 GTS, but have been unable to find one. I was hoping you could help me find one to buy."

Shaugn M. Davenport, Chicago

Editor's response: I was able offer Shaugn several options to find Anson's 1:18 Ferrari 328.

" Hello! RE: Frontera/Isuzu name marketing issue: Matchbox has done this before. After years of selling the #60 Holden Pickup w/motorcycles in the bed, The Truck was re-colored White with a "superbike" decal or tampo. In the US these packages now read: "Chevrolet El Camino". I don't know if the baseplate name was changed to reflect the label change on the blister pack. I had heard this was done, but never saw a Holden packaged as an "El Camino" until just last week, when a still-packaged version was put up for bid on eBay. While the two vehicles named looked similar in 1/64 size, they were not identical in full size. You may want to check with some of the more experienced Matchbox collectors for more info... Maybe Charlie Mack or Tom Larson. They may have more info on this, as I have only recently returned to collecting. Thanks for a great website!"

Lane B., New Jersey

"Thank you, And every body thought I was crazy got some 20,000 cars in my collection from around the world too. And a lot of them not catilog no stamp on the bottem. Most them I collected in the military when I was over sea's in diffrent contries. Most of them loose was hard to ship them in the package in a duffle bag.

I like your listing. If you got it broke down by company what was issue.since that the way I got my cars displayed. By company. I think I got some doubles you may not have. Like EFSI I been getting in lately. I can give you to fill in your holes. A lotof scalpers get mad at me at shows. Since I trade loose cars only. and never sell any.

Most time I give to true collector like yourself who only goes after 1 car for his collection. Not 20 cars with diffrent wheel verents. Sometimes I double a body style cause I like the color. Or friend who I know is a true collector and needs one.Like Greg and Murry always droping cars off to me and picking up ones I find extra around never no money or haggling. Its a retirement hobby for me now. If I find one or don't not biggy to me.

The enjoyment is watching the smile when I give a collector a car.Or at christmas to a small boy who wanted a Hotwheel Vw Bus for collection for nothing. Geeze you should seen the dead eyes stares I got from the other sellers at the show. Hey it justa .99 cent car to me. And a little boy smile and thank you more priceless then toy car.

Next month I'll buy some of those zymac sets. I all ready spent $200.00 on cars this month. and the old lady Yellat me where you going to put them all at. (she right I'm running out of walls only rooms left is the kitchen,living room and dining room. the garage and my playroom stacked. hehehe.)

Well heres my web site. I rotate cars ever 3 months this month its mustangs. <> you might see one on those page you might want just give a yell if I got extra you can have it. Thanx from true collector to another.

Bill Watkins, Retire Army

Editor's response: This is certainly one of the most interesting messages I have received. I visited Bill's site and he does have an amazing collection. Judge for yourself.

Hello! On my search I just digged Your Renault 11 (Majorette #275). This is exactly the car I have in real (and in white, too). I am not a collector of passion, but I was always looking for miniature cars (to deposite and enjoy) that fit the vehicles I drove in reality - there were four or five. A Renault 11 like this I never found, though I am in Europe. It's a pity that I cannot buy it. Greetings from Germany and good luck!

Eckart Fuchs, Marburg - Germany

Editor's response: I was posted a photo of the Majorette Renault 11 on theWeb site for Eckart. He hopes to find one in Germany.