Found in the Letterbox
The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via the 'Guest Book'.

"I love Siku! It would be great to see a list of new releases from them."

James Curtis, Hornsby, NSW, Australia

Editor's response: Thanks to reader Remco Natrop of Holland, the list is in this issue, enjoy the New Siku List.

"Hi, Do you have a list of Majorette retailer in the US that will process mail orders? I'm looking specifically for Majorette #220 (Honda NSX), which appears to be still in production according to,"

Ed Kwan, Santa Clara, California

Editor's response: Fortunately, I had two extra NSX models by Majorette, which Ed purchased. I have loaded a list of available Majorette duplicates from my collection for sale or trade on my carorder page. Take a look. Ed also noted that the new Majorette Page is up and running and it is well worth the visit.

"So nice! It is a greate idea have a web page like this one! I'm a minicar lover too, and hope you can have more and more informarion about minicars. And by the way, can you put more picture of your minicars? Thank you!!"

Kevin Yuan - North York, Ontario, Canada

cInstead of doing new profile pages on my Minicar lists, I have been busy with Tales of Toy Cars. I am linking from the lists to appropriate stories on TofTC.

"Your model of the 1963 Imperial Southhampton does not appear to be correct. I have a 1963 Chrysler Imperial Crown 4 door hardtop convertible. It should be identical to the 2 door coupe except for 4 doors verses 2 doors. Your model's hood, fenders, rear all seem to be correct but the headlights on the 1963's were 4 separate free-standing external headlights not mounted into fender or grill. Instead the fenders curved in around them. I would be interested in obtaining a correct replica of a 1963 Chrysler Imperial Crown 4 door hardtop if you know where I might find one."

Robert Shope, Waldo, Ohio

Editors response: Did you realise that Impy's '63 Imperial was only 3 inches long? Free-standing headlights whould have been great but surely not possible in this scale. You say you have a 1963 Chrysler Imperial Crown 4 door hardtop convertible. I'm sure you know that no 4-door convertible was produced by Imperial in '63 or any other year post WWII. Did you remove the hard-top? I own a 1961 Imperial Custom Southampton.

Only three Imperials have been done in 1:64 scale. A crude 1959, the Impy '63 and a '65 by Corgi. The Impy model is complete with opening hood and engine detail, as well as opening doors and trunk. Even the steering wheel is the right oval shape. Overall it is as good a replica as you will find in this scale and superior to most. They are very hard to find and mine is not for sale. If you are ever fortunate enough to find one, don't spend any time worrying about the headlights. Buy it quick and count yourself lucky. Best regards from a fellow Imperial fan.

"I am trying to locate Mercedes Benze 280SL (1968-1972) model 1/24 or larger -Where can I find one to buy - Any help would be appreciated - Thanks"

Hal Cail, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Editor's response: I have never seen the 280 SL in any scale larger than 1:43. There are many options in 1:43 scale and a few in 1:64 scale although few are in current production. The only current offerings are in 1:43 scale. Someone may do this car in 1:18 or 1:24 some day but as far as I know, nothing exists in that scale today.

Hal's response: "Thanks for the reply - I have since found out that Techno Giodi of Italy made the MB 280SL in 1:18 in 1992 - They went bust however in 1993 - If you ever come across one please let me know - I found descriptions and pictures at the linked site below - Thanks Hal Cail"

Editor's humbled response: I used the link provided by Hal and He is right, Giodi did do a 280 SL. I have their Ferrari Daytona but had never seen the 280 SL. Thanks Hal, I want one too!