Found in the Letterbox
The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via the 'Guest Book'.

"I saw your response regarding the Impy Imperial and had to mention one that you forgot,although larger than 1/64 (as is Corgi's). A company called Sabra in Israel made a 1/43 scale 66 Imperial CV in the 60's, along with a line of other American cars including GTO, Eldorado, Charger, Barracuda, T-bird, etc. They are not real common, but are very nice. I have several of them in my collection, although not many. A feature on these cars would be most welcome."

Mark Nagel, Crystal Lake, IL

"P.S. - Your site is excellent."

Editor's response: A great idea, watch for a story on Sabra soon.

"(Regarding Skunk Works II - Seeking the Striped Viper) You asked for additional Vipers, and I have what I think to be the largest documented list of diecast and toy Vipers anywhere. Please stop by and take a look at: Thanks for the great article."

Dave Lehrer, Grant Park, IL

Editor's response: Dave's site has been added to my links page at /links.htm

"Hi, What die-cast price guide would you reccomend? I'm trying to price some of the cars in my collection (including Corgi Jr Charlie's Angel's Van). Thanks for your help,"

Michael House, Fort Erie, Ontario Canada

Editor's response: This is a common question. There are many good price guides. My personal favorite is Diecast Cars by Douglas Kelly. It sells for $29.95 at most major bookstores.