Found in the Letterbox
The following are e-mail responses to 'Tales of Toy Cars' and The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Museum. Your letters are welcome and may be submitted via the 'Guest Book'.

"Great! About time that there is a site for small Matchbox sized cars. Got over 600 myself from Matchbox, Siku, Corgi Junior, Majorette, Tomica, etc."

Julian Walls, Wellington, New Zealand

"I enjoyed your information on the old Lone Star Impy toys. I am primarily a pre-1970 Matchbox collector, but I also am quite fond of the Lone Star toys. I remember coveting them from my childhood. Little has been written on these gems... Dana Johnson makes a slight reference to them in his work but he is not fond of the toys by his comments. I have a few of them and actively seek more. Too bad they are so hard to find. I would like to see an article on the old Budgie toys, next. I have been trying to catalog them and am fascinated with these toys, too."

Keith Foutty, Chicago, IL

Editor's response: While I do not have any Budgie diecast in my collection, Keith is right about thesefine little cars and trucks. Does anyone with a Budgie toy collection want to do an article for TofTC?

"I have a 1971 Buick Riviera I wonder where I could get a hold of any models (like the Lindberg one) of this car The 71/72/73 Buick Riviera!!!!!"

Mo Pervez, London, England

Editor's response: Everyone wants a model of their full-sized car. Unfortunately, cars like the '71-'73 Buick Riviera are scarce. The Mini-Lindy model is a tough one to find today. Why have so few Riviera models been done? Maybe Johnny Lightning can be convinced to do a series. For now, here is a picture of my example.

"My name is Ron Magin and I'm the Managing Director of Eurogames / Descartes - USA, Inc. We produce the Formula One board game "Formula De". I am building a giant sized track to use at conventions and store demonstrations and I am looking for 10-20 cars to buy for this set."

Ron Magin, Managing Director of Eurogames / Descartes - USA, Inc.

Editor's response: We worked out a deal where I traded Ron some F1 style cars for a copy of the game. The game is great fun. If you like racing, especially F1, get a copy of this excellent board game. You can preview the game at the Formula DE Web site: http://www.formula-de.com. I will do a full review of the game next month.