1977 Oldsmobile Toronado XSR by:Tomica


  • First Produced: 1977
  • Exterior: ivory
  • Interior: red
  • Manufacturer: Tomica
  • Features: opening doors
  • Scale: 1:78
  • Produced in: Japan
  • Collector Number/Name: # F54 Oldsmobile Toronado XSR
  • Original Price 1978: unk.
  • Value 1997: loose mint: $10.00


Tomica has selected some interesting cars to offer as small-scale diecast over the years. Here is one-of-a-kind in more than one way. It represents the 1977 Toronado XSR, a show car with retracting T-tops. The production version was called the XS and did not have the retracting T-tops. It is also most likely the only '77 Toronado of any kind that will be done in diecast. Both the XSR and XS had wrapped rear windows and Tomica did a good job with this example. Of course one expects nothing less from Tomica. The doors open and the car is well proportioned. My only regret is that the scale is so small. At 1:78 is does not fit with other 1:64 scale cars. As the owner of a 1972 Toronado, it is nice to have one example of the 1971-78 Toronado models.