1972 Citroen-Maserati by: Tomica



  • First Produced: 1977
  • Exterior: green
  • Interior: red
  • Manufacturer: Tomica
  • Features: opening doors
  • Scale: 1:66
  • Produced in: Japan
  • Collector Number/Name: F-34, Citroen SM
  • Original Price 1977: na
  • Value 1997: boxed, mint: $15.00



The Citroen-Maserati SM was one of the most amazing cars to come out of the 1970's. Combining Citroen's hydropneumatics unique style with a 4-cam maserati V6 created a true sport GT in the spirit of the pre-war grand routiers. Tomica has a reputation for producing diecast gems and the SM is no exception. Other than the 'Christmas' colors interior/exterior, it is hard to fault. As it also came in other colors, even this can be corrected. Even the steering wheel is right, Citroen's single spoke. As I also own the full-size car, it is with some authority that I give this SM very high marks. Small-scale SM diecast were also produced by Matchbox, Majorette and Siku.


First Produced: 1964
Colors: blue
Manufacturer: Impy - Lone Star
Features: opening hood with
detailed engine, opening doors
and trunk, front wheels turn,
'gem' headlights
Scale: 1:73
Produced in: England
Collector Number/Name: Imperial
Original Price 1964: $.49
Value 1997 - loose, mint: $30.00