Two Dozen Top Cats - Jaguar in Miniature
by Doug Breithaupt

1937 SS100 by Matchbox
1948 XK120 by Matchbox
1954 XK140 'Replica' by Matchbox
1957 3.4 ltr. Mk. II Saloon by Matchbox
1957 'D' type Le Mans by Hot Wheels
1957 XKSS by Hot Wheels
1961 'E' type 3.8 ltr. Coupe by Hot Wheels
1963 'E' type Roadster by Johnny Lightning

1964 Mk. X Salon by Impy Lone Star
1965 Mk. 2 Pace Car by Corgi
1965 'E' type S1 2+2 by Husky (Corgi)
1970 'E' type SII 2+2 by Corgi
It seemed that all major automotive publications took the opportunity to recently publish their list of the cars of the century. Among the top ten of every list it was not uncommon to find at least one Jaguar motorcar. Jaguar has produced some of the best automotive designs and now under Ford ownership may continue to do so.

Toy car makers have been eager to offer miniature Jaguars since the 1930's when Dinky first offered the SS100 model. In small-scale, my collection includes over 150 variations of models and colors. To show all of these variations would be a monumental effort so instead, I have selected my favorite example of the 24 different Jaguar models represented in my collection. I was amazed to find that 14 of these models are the only example of a particular car. At the same time I have almost 50 variations of the XJ-S and many 'E' type and XJ220 examples as well.

The 1937 SS100 by Matchbox is not actually a Jaguar as it pre-dates use of the Jaguar name. The SS name was dropped after WWII for obvious reasons. Matchbox also did one of the most famous Jaguar models, the XK120 of 1948. The example here is from the Premier Collection. Tootsietoy also did a nice XK120. The first Jaguar done by Matchbox is the 1954 XK140 Fixed-Head Coupe. The 1993 re-release is shown. Matchbox followed the XK140 with a Jaguar 3.4 litre Mark II saloon, #65.

Hot Wheels has recently added to the small-scale Jaguar models. The 1957 'D' type is done in the colors of the car that won Le Mans in 1957. Both Matchbox and Tootsietoy have also done the 'D' type. As part of their Jaguar Classic Sports Car Set, Hot Wheels offers the rare 1957 XKSS, a road-going 'D' type of which only 16 were built. This same set also offers a 1961 'E' type Coupe of 3.8 litres. Both XKSS and 'E' type include opening bonnets. Matchbox, Yat Ming, Johnny Lightning, Lindberg and Tootsietoy have also offered series 1 'E' type Coupes.

The best 'E' type roadster is a new model from Johnny Lightning, done for the 'Spy That Shagged Me' movie. The detail is excellent. Efsi, Tootsietoy and Zee Toys have also done 'E' type roadsters. The Jaguar Mk. 10 saloon is best represented by the wonderful Impy Lone Star Roadmaster model. Doors, boot and bonnet open. Matchbox and Corgi (Husky) also did the Mk. 10. The Jaguar Mk. II would be missing altogether if not for a curious Corgi offering. This rough example is missing two figures attached to the rear and was offered a a pace car for a Tour de France set. Why no stock version was done is a mystery.

Corgi (Husky) also did the 'E' type 2+2 SI and a unique S2 version as well. Siku also did an SI 2+2 as did Playart. Another new Hot Wheel is the one-off XJ13 of the mid-1960's. Built to compete at Le Mans, it included a four-cam V12. The car never raced but is captured nicely by Hot Wheels. Corgi offered the first XJ6 saloon of 1968, complete with opening boot. Majorette has made the only 1971 'E' type S3 2+2, offering the Jaguar V12 under the opening bonnet. Ertl did the 1974 XJ6/12 SII saloon but mis-labeled the packages as an XJ10 and included a picture of an XJ-S!

A favorite from my collection is the 1976 XJ12C by Guisval in with racing kit. Broadspeed was un-successful in racing these cars during this period. The doors open on this great little coupe. A crude XJ6/12C was also done by Summer. Tomica is one of many to offer the XJ-S of 1976. Shown here in the correct racing colors, the Tomica XJ-S is one of the best. The XJ-S Coupe has also been done by Hot Wheels, Corgi, Yat Ming, Maisto, Zee Toys and others. The best XJ-S is Majorette's convertible model offered in a special Premier series. The detail is amazing for a 1:60 scale car. Matchbox offered the 1988 XJ6 and a Premier Collection model is shown. Majorette, Corgi and Siku also did this car.

The XJR12 GT racing car by Corgi represents Jaguar's Le Mans winner of 1990. It is in Silk Cut racing colors. Guisval also did this car. Matchbox offered the XJ220 supercar and a Premier Collection example is shown. Maisto and Hot Wheels also did the XJ220. The new XK8 Convertible is another Matchbox model. The example here is from the 1st Shot set offered in 1998. Maisto and Hot Wheels have also done the XK8 Convertible. The last Jaguar is the XKR Coupe by Hot Wheels, also from the Classic Sports Car Set. It features an opening bonnet showing the supercharged V8.

1968 XJ13 Prototype by Hot Wheels
1968 XJ6 SI Saloon by Corgi
1971 'E' type SIII 2+2 by Majorette
1975 XJ12 SII Saloon by Ertl
1977 XJ12C (racing) by Guisval
1978 XJ-S (racing) by Tomica
1992 XJ-S Cabriolet by Majorette
1988 XJ40 Saloon by Matchbox
1990 XJR12 GT Le Mans by Corgi
1992 XJ220 by Matchbox
1998 XK8 Cabriolet by Matchbox
1999 XKR Coupe by Hot Wheels