Closely guarded treasure!

A table full of models

Trucks to go!

 Collectors Log - Part I: The Siku market
by Remco Natrop

What is the most exciting thing for a Siku collector to do besides a visit to the factory? A visit to the Siku market!

The Siku market is organized twice a year by the Siku Collectors Club. In a park in the suburbs of Dortmund, Germany they fill a hall with tables and organize a market on which club members and Siku dealers can rent a space to sell or trade their Siku models.

It all starts early in the morning when I start to pack my duplicates, a camera and some food in a backpack. It's a long journey from my home town in The Netherlands to Dortmund, Germany and I'm always grateful if someone offers me a ride but I'm also very content with a four-hour train ride. When I arrive at about 10:00 AM fellow collectors are already lining up in front of the entrance. Better to just wait and have a cup of coffee in the park restaurant. This provides good opportunity to chat with other collectors and swap some models or obsolete catalogs. At this time I've already seen most familiar faces.

Once inside you'll be amazed at the models on display; rare color variations, pre 1960's plastic models, promotional models, you name it. Although some models cost more than my wallet can hold they're incredible to look at! After a first round for inspection and some conversations with other club members it's time to get the models spotted to further complete the collection. Most will be 1000's series because they are the most affordable but some cool V-series can also be found at good prices. Of course it helps when you know the person that's selling.

At 1:30 PM it's time to enjoy some food on the restaurants' terrace and have a close look at the new additions. After that we continue inside to see if we've missed anything. The best additions are often found in the last minutes before the market closes. At 3:00 PM the doors close and the salesmen pack their models and go home. The last collectors meet in the parking lot showing each other what they have found with boxes of models standing on the roofs and hoods of their cars.

When you get home you will find yourself with a lot of new models you haven't seen anywhere else before and a lot of new contacts to call/write/e-mail. It's days like this that are really rewarding and worth waiting another six months!

The loot at 1:30 PM!

A mint Tempo Matador
Fresh from the factory