Countach LP 400

Love it or hate it, no one can exclude the amazing Lamborghini Countach from any list of influential automotive designs. With dramatic looks, performance and sex appeal, the Countach was one of the most desirable cars of the 1970's and 1980's. Many consider the original LP 400 to be the best version.


DOHC 4 litre V12 
With 375 h.p. and weight of 2,860 lbs., the Countach has a top speed of 185 mph. Later, a 5 litre V12 was offered in the LP 5000 QV model.

Tomica Recreates the Countach LP 400 in 1:61 Scale
The Lamborghini Countach LP-400 is #F37 from Tomica. It represents the first-generation Countach produced from 1974-1978. Tomica's toy car is worth $15-20 today while the real car brings over $50K. The opening engine cover is a common feature on many small-scale Countach models. The chromed V12 is nicely done for this scale.

The Countach was first done by Matchbox with the LP 500 prototype (3 built) being represented. Later Matchbox did the production LP5000S. Hot Wheels has also done two Countach models, the P5000S and the 25th Anniversary Edition of 1988-90. Maisto, Zee Toys, Majorette, Lindberg and Ertl have all done the Countach. Tomica offers an excellent casting, even the split side windows are represented. Tomica also offered this same casting, sporting a rear spoiler and labeled the Countach LP 500S (#F12).

Bertone Styling
The Countach was designed by Marcello Gandini for Bertone. His design is the poster-child for aggressive wedge design. One writer described it as being "transported to another time and another planet."

The name 'Countach' is a Piedmontese expression for a desirable woman that borders on the obscene while expressing true admiration. Could any other car wear such a name?

Tomica Quality
Tomica is sometimes criticized for the speed-type wheels that have been used for years. However, they are well-made and sized appropriately to the cars. The various air-intakes are painted black but head and tail-lights are not improved with detail color. The interior is an excellent representation for this scale. Tomica is well-known for quality and the Countach does not disappoint.

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