1200 (Beetle)

Perhaps the most recognized automotive shape on the planet, the VW Beetle is an easy choice for 'top 10' design lists. With a half-century of production and millions sold, the Beetle is also the clear winner as the best-selling car of all-time. Still produced in Mexico, who is to say what the final record will be. The classic VW 1200 Sedan presents the famous profile.


1200 cc, Air-Cooled
With just 46 h.p., the 1200 cc motor is not built for speed. A top speed of 65 stills allows for highway driving although steep hills are a challenge.

Siku Recreates the VW 1200 Sedan in 1:60 Scale
The VW 1200 is #V230 from Siku. It represents the Beetle produced by Siku from 1964-1969. Siku's toy car is worth $80-100 today due to rarity and the popularity of the VW Beetle among collectors. The real car in excellent condition might bring $3-5,000. The opening engine cover is quite rare on the small-scale diecast Beetles. The silver motor is split by the hinge for the engine cover. The gem headlights, a characteristic of Siku models of this vintage, are especially nice. The white-walls on the tires are not original but add style to the basic wheels and are easily removed.

The Beetle was first done by Siku in 1955 as #V13 in their plastic series. The example shown here, #V230 was the first diecast version from Siku. From 1975-86, Siku offered the VW 1300 as #1022. This was followed in 1989 by #1077, a VW 1303 LS Cabriolet and in 1990, #1078, the VW1303 LS Sedan. These last two are also numbered #0839 in their current forms. Most of the Siku Beetles have also been offered in police versions.

Styling by Hitler
The amazing success of this car is ironic considering that the original design was penned by Adolf Hitler. His 'people's car' has turned out to be one of the few positive contributions to come from Nazi Germany.

Beetle in English, Kafer in German and Coccinelle in French, the VW was never officially labeled as such. Of course now, the New Beetle is called just that. Siku's New Beetle is, #1096.

Siku Quality
Siku's wonderful toy cars provide some of the highest quality in the world of diecast. While some castings can be a bit awkward, this one is right-on. The cream interior sports a black steering wheel and looks correct. Compared to early Beetles from Matchbox and Majorette, the Siku is superior.

For a review of Siku history and models, visit 'Tales of Toy Cars' Sept., Oct., Nov., of 1999.