Johnny Lightning #781 - 1961 Ford Police

Matchbox #55 - 1961 Ford Police

RCCA - 1963 Ford Stock Car

Buby #2 - 1963 Ford Falcon

Racing Champions - 1964 Ford Stock Car

Matchbox #59 - 1965 Ford Fairlane

RCCA - 1965 Ford Stock Car

Tootsietoy #24 - 1960 Ford Sunliner Convertible

A Decade of Fords - 1960-1970

by Doug Breithaupt

There are plenty of Mustangs and Thunderbirds from the 1960's for small-scale diecast collectors. However, when it comes to Ford's less sexy cars from the swinging sixties, it can be difficult to assemble a collection. Only recently, have manufacturers finally provided some of the more basic Ford sedans from this period. If it was not for police and fire cars, and of course the many racing stock cars, it would still be almost impossible.

The first shown is a 1960 Ford Sunliner Convertible by Tootsietoy. It is an interesting model in that it combines a single cast body/interior with a separate base. This style of Tootsietoy was produced in the early 1960's and are not easy to find today. Any 1960 Ford model is also quite rare.

Two 1961 Fords are shown. The first is the recent release of the Mayberry Police cruiser from the Andy Griffith Show, produced by Johnny Lightning. The second is also a police car but one done by Matchbox in the early 1960's. Another Ford stock car, this time from 1963 has been nicely done by RCCA. Also from 1963 is a Ford Falcon sedan. The Falcon was made by Buby of Argentina and is a well-made model.

Racing Champions did the 1964 Ford stock car of Fred Lorenzen. Three models from 1965 are shown. The first is a Matchbox, #59, which was done as a fire-chief car and as a police car. It represents the Fairlane model. The second '65 is another stock car from RCCA and is very well detailed. The third is a Racing Champions Mint Edition Ford Galaxie 500, #244 and provides a very nice stock version of the 1965 Ford.

Yat Ming did a fine 1966 Ford Galaxie 500XL in racing colors, #1075. These earlier Yat Ming cars are becoming harder to find today and this is one of their better castings. Johnny Lightning has recently done two 1967 Fords. The first is a stock car driven by Mario Andretti, #077. The second is the Ford made famous by Joe Friday of the TV show Dragnet. For 1968, Johnny Lightning has done the Indy 500 Pace Car, a Torino convertible, #479.

More Ford Torino models are available for 1969 and 1970. The first is from Racing Champions and represents an A.J.Foyt stock car. The second is a very nice production model from Johnny Lightning, #PM230.

Racing Champions #244 - 1965 Ford Galaxie 500

Yat Ming #1075 - 1966 Ford Galaxie 500XL

Johnny Lightning #077 - 1967 Ford Stock Car

Johnny Lightning #782 - 1967 Ford Sedan

Johnny Lightning #479 - 1968 Ford Torino

Racing Champions - 1969 Ford Torino

Johnny Lightning #PM230 - 1970 Ford Torino

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