Siku's German Police Force Part 1:
Motorway Patrol Porsche's

story and images by Remco Natrop

V160 - Porsche 356 B

V235 - Porsche 901

1316 - Porsche 911E 'LS'

1316 - Porsche 911E 'MK'

1316 - Porsche 911 Turbo

1416 - '99 Porsche 911 Carrera

The people working for the German motorway patrol are probably some of the luckiest law enforcement officers alive. And who wouldn't be when they got to drive a Porsche at high speed through regular traffic for a day-time job? Well trained and very aware of the limits of their equipment these men are a sight to see racing over the autobahn for those that are innocent and a pain in the behind for getaway-car drivers.

Siku did quite a number of cars in the colors of their nations' police force, but none are as interesting as the Porsche, which has now reached it's fifth generation with the 1999 issue of the 911 Carrera. But lets start at the beginning...

1: Porsche 356

Modelled after the 1959 Porsche 356 B Siku issued their first police Porsche from 1961 to 1964. The model was completely plastic and designated V160. Painted cream white with the word 'polizei' stuck on as a black decal there was no doubt about what this model represented. To make the picture complete there were a transparent antenna and a blue plastic rotating light glued to the roof and a small loudspeaker on the right front fender. Although this model could not match the originals' 75 horsepower engine which allowed it to get speeds up to 175 km/h it still caught many 'bad guys' in the rooms of little children.

2: Porsche 901

The second Porsche patrol car was the 901. While the real Porsche 901 was presented to the world in 1963 at a motor show in Frankfurt Siku did not let time go to waste and released both a regular as well as a patrol car version in 1964. Produced in the zinc die-cast V series as V235 this model was available from 1964 to 1970 in both cream and clear white. The model with its' gem-cut glass headlights and opening trunk (in the nose!) was very realistic. This time the word 'polizei' was in print on the nose and the turn signals and taillights were painted. The antenna and rotating light were not forgotten, but the speaker disappeared.

3: Porsche 911e

While Porsche changed the 901 to 911 and added the now famous air-cooled 2 litre boxer engine police enthusiasts had to wait until 1978 for the next Porsche to appear. After Siku had produced the Ford Capri 1700 GT patrol car from 1971 to 1978 and changed from V to 1000-series the next Porsche patrol car was based on the Porsche 911E Targa. It was definitely a long wait because the regular model was released as early as 1970. The 911E Targa, a Cabriolet with a permanent part of the roof functioning as roll bar, was released in 1978 as #1316 and available till 1988. Both as a model and on the streets this Porsche was extremely successful. With almost 160 hp produced by the 2 litre boxer this car gave the 'bad guys' the boot. Again the model is rich in detail with, now black, antenna and rotating light. This is also the first Porsche that introduces the now familiar mint green in the colors of the German motorway patrol. Again available in clear or cream white they also had markings printed on the nose ('LS' or 'MK') and a number on the roof. The print 'polizei' was now on the opening doors, in white on green.

Special about this model is that it was also produced in cream white with bright pink and the markings of the Dutch 'Rijkspolitie' on it. The Dutch patrolmen were less lucky than their german collegues because they drove their 911e's with the targa roof permanently off, rain or shine! I remember seeing them as a kid, with thick fur-lined leather coats and football-shaped helmets...

4: Porsche 911 Turbo (930)

Just when things couldn't get more brutal the German police force introduced a new Porsche patrol car to the autobahn. The awesome 930, better known as 911 Turbo. Easily identified by the huge 'scoop' spoiler on the back this baby had 300 horsepower out of a 3.3 litre boxer with turbo intercooler. This 930 was produced from 1977 till 1989, had 4 gears (5 in the 1989 model) and a top speed of 260 km/h. You can cruise through town easily because anything up to 100 km/h can be done in first gear.
Siku's representation in the 1000-series is the third edition of #1316, avaible in cream and clear white again in combination with mint green. Print 'polizei', again white on green, is on both doors and the hood. New on the roof is the plastic beam with two rotating lights and 'stop' print. The antenna is still there. Of course the huge spoiler wasn't forgotten. With a production span ranging from 1989 till last year this model should be fairly easy to get.

5: Porsche 911 Carrera

The current model, the '99 Porsche 911 Carrera, is the fifth generation of Porsche patrol cars. The original is a 300 horsepower 3.38 litre boxer with a top speed of 280 km/h. More luxurious and easier to drive but just as effective to catch those speeders. Siku introduced their '99 911 Carrera patrol car designated #1416 in April this year and paid even more attention to the details, making this model a welcome addition to any collection. Available in clear white and mint green with 'polizei' on doors and nose. The doors open again, the headlights are transparent plastic with orange turn indicators and taillights are painted red. The plastic beam is unchanged, but the antenna is shortened. Like its' big brother a very impressive piece of work!

Before you go and move to Germany and sign up as a motorway patrolman after these 39 years of Porsche history I suggest you stick with us to find out about the other police vehicles Siku has produced over the years in future issues.

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