All-American Diecast
by Doug Breithaupt

Here are some toy cars ready for the 4th of July U.S. Independence Day celebrations. The addition this month of Johnny Lightning's latest Corvette C2, led me to wonder how many other small-scale diecast cars have come in all-American stars and stripes. I came up with nine, five of which are Corvettes. I could not find the Hot Wheels 'Hot Bird' Pontiac Firebird that I remember being in shades of 'Old Glory', perhaps I traded it. It is interesting to see that Yat Ming has been the most prolific user of the all-American motif. Let me know if you can add to the list. Anyone for a stanza of 'It's a Grand Old Flag'?

1967 Corvette Convertible - Johnny Lightning #149

1974 Corvette - Yat Ming #1065

1963 Corvette - Yat Ming #1078

1972 Corvette Racer - Yat Ming #1002

1983 Pontiac Fiero - Hot Wheels

1977 Ford Thunderbird - Hot Wheels (Scorchers)

1975 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham - Yat Ming #1053

1984 Chevrolet Camaro Pro-Stock - Zylmex #399

1974 Corvette - Yat Ming #1065