The Fabulous Ferrari 156
Matchbox and Hot Wheels - A 40 Year Comparison
by Doug Breithaupt

Matchbox #73 carries it's list number

The tires of the Matchbox look correct

Matchbox added a driver

Hot Wheels has released for 2001, the Ferrari 156 F1 car that Phil Hill drove to a World Championship in 1961. Some 40 years back, Matchbox offered the same model. A detailed comparison of the two is not necessary as both have their strengths and faults. Many consider this the most beautiful F1 car of all time and it is a pleasure to have both for our collections. You make the comparison. The following text and image above are courtesy of (link).

Ferrari joined the rear-engine revolution with the Ferrari 156 "Sharknose". Designed by new engineer Carlo Chiti. The chassis was a tubular spaceframe that while not in the same league with designs created by Lotus and BRM it proved serviceable. The star of this car was the 120 degrees V6 engine that was a developed for the new regulations. The angle of the cylinder blocks allowed for the engine to have a lower center of gravity. Because the engine was substantially wider its rear placement was deemed necessary. Another striking feature of the new engine was its relative light weight, weighing 30 lbs. lighter than the four-cylinder Coventry-Climax engine still being used by the British teams.

Hot Wheels offer nice engine detail

Hot Wheels provides an excellent casting


Car: Ferrari 156
Maker: Ferrari
Year: 1961
Class: Formula 1
Driver's Champion: Phil Hill
Engine; 120 degree V6
Bore/Stroke: 73 x 58.8 mm
Capacity: 1,486.6 cc
Power: 190 bhp at 9,500 rpm