story and images by Raed Ammari

Three Minis

Porsche 917

Shelby Cobra 427

Lamborghini Countach

It has been almost a year from my first article and I hope that you will read my first one and to see if there is a positive difference in the level of quality! I started getting interested not only in older beaters, but I found out why not to start with a new one? That is what I did in the Minis you see. the red one is the original "no name " car. Then, I painted the first one with REVELL purple metallic and added a very nice fat wheels, the out come is very nice especially with the hand painted rear lights. The blue car got a more correct wheel size from a Siku Mercedes-Benz van (that van became a 4x4 monster!). This process was also done on the new MCLAREN F1's. I painted two but there are more on the way. One unusual car for me was the 1:43 BURAGO LAMBORGHINI Countach which I did in orange. It does look nice after 3 layers of paint. Other correct color matching was done on the Mercedes-Benz 500SEC AMG by Matchbox, no stickers, and no stripes. It just looks nice.

On the restoration side, I did the Corgi Porsche 917 in a two tone metallic paint, a lovely Matchbox 1969 Porsche 910 and a regular wheel Mercedes 300 SE, that was a damaged green car. I fixed the broken A pillar and painted it with a maroon metallic. For the Summer time, I have done a group of convertibles, like the Matchbox Lincoln. I got a windshield from as donor car and a convertible cover to give a true open feel. A new set of wheels finish it up. The mustang and the green Bug were simple jobs.

The last cars I have done were the the Hot Wheels McDonald's hot rod, (I even did the side stickers by hand) and the cobra 427 by ZYLMEX. It was turned in to a racer just I saw it in a photo. I took out the windshield also, and painted the side exhaust in white to match the wheels and the stripe, even adding an aluminum dashboard! The car really look cool.

I am still looking around for new paints, parts, to use and remember that all my work is done by hand with simple tools and paints. Sadly there is no interest in this part of the world in my hobby, so I go to the Internet. Go ahead and try it your self. If you are not hooked after the first car you restore, I will be more than happy to accept your donation of cars!.

Happy Meal Hot Rod

McLaren F1

Mercedes-Benz 500SEC

Porsche 962

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