BAD BUGS - Toy Beetles prepared for battle
by Doug Breithaupt

Some cars simply make you smile and the original and new Beetle models do just that. The VW Beetle must be the ultimate 'cute' car. The Beetle also has been one of the most popular toy cars but not all VW Bugs are cute. For years VW Bug owners have modified their cars. Some are simply little hot rods while others are clearly for serious competition.

Here are a dozen VW Beetles that seem to be taking life a bit more serious. Some have been prepared Baja style while others are ready for the drag strip. Some simply push the fun factor to new limits.

Matchbox is clearly the king of super-modified VW Bugs. Their most recent version is the fifth to be done. The 'desert rescue' theme seems a bit much. I think the Evil Weevil by Hot Wheels is still the baddest bug of them all.

Volks-Dragon #31-E - matchbox

Sand Digger #49-F - Matchbox

Connectibles VW Baja - Matchbox

Beetle Streaker 46-H - Matchbox

Beetle 4x4 - Matchbox

Custom Volkswagon - Hot Wheels

Evil Weevil - Hot Wheels

Blazin' Bug - Hot Wheels

Bug Bomb (replica) - Johnny Lightning

Baja VW - Maisto

Baja Blaster #D100 - Zylmex