Edocar Catalogues for 1987-1989

Edocar Catalogue 1992

Edocar - Maisto Goes Dutch
by Henk Hendriks

Edocar is a Dutch company that offers diecast vehicles. Almost all the vehicles are from castings produced by other diecast manufacturers, primarily Maisto and Hartoy. A small number of original castings have been offered, including an Austin Mini.

Edocar started selling in 1987 and had their 12th year anniversary in 2000. From 1987, their first three catalogues were similar in size to those produced by Matchbox. The main collection began with 50 cars in 1/64 range (EM series), plus 8 oldtimer cars in 1/43 (EA series). Maisto and Yat Ming castings were licensed to Edocar for re-sale.

During the next year, 1988, they start adding specials like Edocar original color versions in the EM series. Many colors were exclusive to Edocar like the Ferrari Daytona in white. Promotional models and the first Cola Cola specials were offered using castings from Hartoy.

Then in 1990, the catalogue presents most of the collection on the front page, and keeps changing models as new Maisto castings were offered. similar to the other brands on the market, Edocar adds new models and colors each year.

In 1992 the first big catalogue is offered. Later on, they added a special series devoted to cartoon characters like the Dutch Alfred J.Kwak .(AK series). Further more, they have the Alarm Car series with cassettes to put the cars in (see picture of EdoBox). Changing Color Cars (due to temperature differences), SuperWheels, trailor packs and gift sets mirror items offered by Maisto at this time.

Beginning in 1999, Edocar replaced the model numbers starting with 000010 up to 010120. They continued with the addition of the following series:

Travel series
Motor series
Farm series
Music series
Super series

The best recognized EDOCAR models are the Coke models (juke box bug).

From the early years I have not been able to recover to much more than the usual known facts. All Edocar models are originally made by Maisto under a European license and there for not available in the North America. Yat Ming provided some of the early models. As far as the catalogue states in 1999, they have distributors in 13 European countries as well as Singapore and Hong Kong.

Contacts with company sales representatives is strictly related to selling only larger amounts. Merchants who are interested in smaller amounts are mostly left disappointed. Only once was I lucky to receive a free catalog, all the others were bought from retailers.

Edocar Catalogue for 1999

Edocar Coca Cola Model Set
based on Hartoy and Maisto castings