Tomica and the 'Z' Car
by Doug Breithaupt

One of the best things about Tomica is the consistancy. There is no better example of how Tomica has stayed true to their own style than a review of the history of the Nissan Fairlady Z cars, seen through the five generations of this car produced by Tomica.

The first thing to notice is that each model is an honest effort to reflect the look and colors of the real cars. No dopey tampos or big engines sticking out of the hood. These are true miniature replicas. Second, the feel and weight of these cars are the same, even after 30 years. The interiors are well-done and each car has opening doors. The scale ranges from 1:61 to 1:58. The wheels are solid and have a crafted look that gives each model that quality touch.

The new Tomica 'Z' Car was the first model of this car to be offered in small-scale, although Hot Wheels now have one in their 2002 line as well. When I find the new Hot Wheel. I'll do a comparison of their 'Z' cars and see how well the Hot Wheels look has spanned the past 30 years.

300/Fairlady ZX #15 (1985)

240/Fairlady Z #6 (1970)

300/Fairlady Z #15 (1990)

280/Fairlady Z-T #15 (1979)

350/Fairlady Z #55 (2001)