by Dave Weber, images by Doug Breithaupt

This is the continuation of a review of small-scale Camaro models. For part 1, click here.

Matchbox produced a 69 SS396 convertible in 1997 with the top down. This was followed by a 71 hardtop in 1998 # 39 in the 1-75 Line. Neither car remains in the lineup at this time. Both cars have been done in 'Premier Collection' trim with the 71 currently available as a Barrett-Jackson model.An 84 IROC Z-28 hardtop # MB51G/68F17 was first issued in 1985. A 93 hardtop #7 in the World Class series appeared about 1990. The newest model is a 98 convertible # 2 with the top down that appeared in the 1-75 line in 2000.

1969 Camaro Convertible (Premier)

1969 Camaro Convertible

1971 Camaro

1971 Camaro Z-28 (Barrett-Jackson)

1985 Camaro IROC

1993 Camaro (Premier)

1993 Camaro Police (Premier)

1999 Camaro Convertible

Mego, also affiliated with AMT Pups produced a 68 model # 9104 over 20 years ago. No further info is available.

Playart introduced a 67-68 hardtop # 7109 over 20 years ago. This model was crudely casted when compared to the superb examples being produced at present. A 1980 Camaro police car was also offered. This casting a;appears to have been altered and used by Yat Ming for their #1077 model.

Racing Champions produced a 68 hardtop # 101 in their Mint Editions series in 1997. They have also recently issued another 68 hardtop casting in their less expensive Street Wheels line . A second Mint Editions car # 136 was issued in 1997 to represent a 69 hardtop. However the grille design is incorrect. An 84 model was issued about 10 years ago to represent the 'short track' Nascar racers of that era. The 96 hardtop #24 in the Mint Editions series arrived in 1996 . This car also has been issued recently in the Street Wheels line. The most recent additions are from the present Concept and Muscle Cars series. They are 69 and 71 Baldwin Motion models.

1968 Camaro

1969 Camaro (custom)

1971 Camaro

1996 Camaro

1968 Camaro (Street Wheels)

1994 Camaro (Street Wheels)

1999 Camaro Police (Street Wheels)

RCI /RCCA prior to being taken over by Action issued a Nascar racer carrying # 8 in recognition of Dale Earnhart's driving history from the 80s. This model was issued in the early 90s.

Red Box , the purchaser of the former Zylmex/ Zeetoy manufacturer Zyllco reproduced a 71 model # D-98 in the mid 90s. This model is a tool from the earlier Zyllco days. These are packaged as Motor Max models.

Road Champs issued both 69 and 82 hardtop models The 69 is from their recent Shock Racers series. The 85 was still available about 10 years ago.

Siku issued an 83 hardtop #1051 in 1983. The scale appears to be slightly larger then most of the above models. It does have opening doors.

Suntoys/SS, found in Dollar Tree stores at present produced a nondescript 80s hardtop. There is no info on the base except 'Made in China' once the model / toy is removed from the blister card.

Tootsietoy issued a 76 hardtop #101 almost 10 years ago. It may still be in production.

Welly is reported to have produced both 81 #107 and 82 #3115 models in the past. At present. availability exists for a 96 convertible #2021. For some unknown reason the manufacturer has fitted a greatly oversized windshield to this model. Welly models are also offered as Speed Wheels by Walgreens

Yat Ming produced an 80 hardtop Z-28 #1077 with opening doors. This model is still available. A motorized version was also offered with oversized rear wheels..

Zeetoy/ Zylmex issued a 71 Z-28 hardtop over 10 years ago # P367. A similar model # D-98 which is slightly larger was also issued about the same time. A 75 with front spoiler and rear wing was offered as #D92. An 82 convertible with the top down # P381 was also issued about the same time and was still available about 10 years ago. As a side note, I recently acquired 2 models inside of sealed blister boxes . The only name imprinted on these containers was Carmania which reportedly has French origins. However when the model was removed, the base read the same as the above Zee/ Zyl referenced cars. There was no difference. An 85 Pro Stocker was also included as #P339

1971 Camaro Z-28

1975 Camaro racer

1982 Camaro Convertible

1985 Camaro Pro-Stocker

This completes my inventory/ summary of known Camaro models in approximate 1/64 scale. No doubt one or two or maybe more have been left out. I have recently come to the realization that not all models are available in all parts of the US and even more so - in the world! Any additions are always welcome.

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