911 GT-2

In 1994, the 993-model 911 GT2 was produced in a limited run of around 100 examples. Derived from the 993-bodied 911 Turbo, and equally at home on racetrack and road, this powerful new sports car developed 330 kW (450 bhp) of power, covered 0-100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds, and offered a top speed of around 300 km/h. Among its many competitive achievements, one of the most important was clinching victory at the Daytona 24 Hours.


Turbo-charged, 450 bhp

The first-generation 911 GT2 was a modern version of the early '70's 911 Carrera RSR and the last of the air-cooled, 6 cylinder, purpose-built racers. The prototype shown here does not include a visible engine although the underside of the car does have parts of the motor and exhaust detailed in silver. A few of these cars were purchased for private collections and made street-legal. What a ride.

Tiger Wheels & Anson Recreate the Porsche 911 GT2 in 1:64 Scale
Tiger Wheels' Porsche 911 GT2 may never see actual production. Unless collectors show a desire to add this model to their collections, it may not justify the high initial cost for a limited production run.

The car is painted German racing silver and includes detailed lights, grills, wipers, turbo and Porsche badging. The interior has a detailed steering wheel, gear-shift and Porsche-style seats. The interior is not a racing interior, matching the street-ready look of the model. The model is fully diecast with even the rear spoiler done in metal. The underside is fully detailed and attached by screw, allowing for substitution of wheels. For a prototype, the GT2 is well-finished and does not appear hand-done as some pre-production models do.

The wheel to the right is from Anson's 1:18 scale 911 GT2 model on which the 1:64 scale version (shown below) is based. The wheels on the small-scale car have been remarked to look at first glance, much like cheaper wheels used by Corgi and Yat Ming. Closer inspection shows this to be in error. In fact, the wheels are an effort to re-create the 1:18 scale versions. This is also the case with the rivets on the fenders.

Tiger Wheels are different
What these pictures cannot convey is how solid this model is. All Tiger Wheels are built for racing and weigh more than other diecast models. At just over 2 ounces, this model is twice the weight of regular diecast. Bodies are attached by screws and can be removed, unlike most other diecast cars. Anson also offers the 911 GT2 in their 1:18 scale line.

Tiger Wheels are the produced by Antonio Fadhal of Puerto Rico and can be viewed at Ten new models are planned for 2002.