How big is the Bat Garage?
by Doug Breithaupt

Corgi Juniors - Batmobile 1976

Ertl - Batman (The Movie) 1989

Ertl - Batman Animated Series 1992
For the past 35 years, kids of all ages have been buying Batmobiles in 1:64 scale. Up until 1989, there was only one Batmobile. Since then, five more variations have been produced in small-scale. It has become clear that Batman's garage is filling up with some amazing cars.

For the first 20+ years, from the mid-'60's to the late-'80's, Batman was a one-car super hero. When George Barris created the original Batmobile for the TV series, it was an immediate hit. Using a Ford dream car from 1957 called the Futura, Barris added bat-fins, bat-weapons and a bat-turbine. Corgi and Playart both produced small-scale versions of this famous car. The Corgi Junior version includes a tiny Batman at the wheel.

In 1989, the Batman movie needed a new Batmobile and the new car had a staring role. Ertl produced the miniature and it is a winner. This one captures the techno-whiz feel of the new era. Ertl also did the Batmobile from a new animated series. It is more retro in style.

In 1995, a new Batman movie brought yet another Batmobile. This is either a car or a shoe worn by NBA stars. When the third movie, 'Batman and Robin' was produced, a third Batmobile followed. Also by Hasbro, this one ironically appears to be a single seater. The bat-wings are the wildest yet. A second animated series in 1997 also needed a new car. Kenner produced a very sleek and clean version of this Batmobile.

I'm sure Alfred is kept busy in the six-car garage. If the bikes, boats and planes are also Alfred's domain, he must be one hard workin' guy.

Hasbro - Batmobile 1995

Hasbro - Batman and Robin 1997

Kenner - New Batman Adventures 1997