Miniature Mustang in 1/64 Scale from Mid 1964 -1973
by Dave Weber

In Mid 1964, Ford Motor Company surprised the consumer public by introducing an entirely new small sporty car called the Ford Mustang. This new vehicle was a radical derivation from the plain looking Falcon. It provided sporty appearance, economy and brisk performance with a base price of $2,368. It was the first of the "Pony Cars", and soon became a rapid seller. It was selected in 1965 to be the Indianapolis 500 Pace Car.

It was so impressive that sports car producer, Shelby-American modified some of these cars for a special limited production that soon replaced the AC bodied Cobra. Shelby produced the modified Mustangs from 1965- 1969. The leftover cars from 1969 were designated 1970 models but had no changes in this final year. The Mustang as a sub- brand in the Ford Division is still manufactured at present and has continued to be a prominent sales item . While competitor General Motors Camaros and Firebirds are soon to discontinue production, the Mustang forges onward!

In order to summarize the first wave of Mustang Models, I have chosen to list the toy and model manufacturers in alphabetical order and then list the models in year order. But first, I wish to present a historical review of the styling changes that occurred from mid 1964 - 1973. These noted characteristics can then be used to identify the year the model represents of the full size automobile.
Mid 1964 - This first Mustang was only offered in convertible and hardtop coupe styles.
1965- A fastback model was introduced as a companion to the above body styles.
1966- The grille received a floating horse in the center and the horizontal and vertical bars inside the grille were absent.
1967- This was the first major styling change. The grille featured a larger opening. There were larger simulated scoops on the rear fenders and the rear taillight panel had a concave indentation with 3 lenses on each side.
1968- There were only moderate styling changes. The grille emblem again featured the floating horse and the side scoops had less chrome highlights.
1969- The body of the car was enlarged. Quad headlights were featured and the outer lights were mounted in the front fenders while the inner lights were located inside the grille opening.
1970- The dual headlights were removed and the single lights were located inside the grille. simulated air scoops were added to the front fenders where the quads were formerly located. The concave taillight area was replaced with a flat panel and the fender scoops were removed.
1971- The car was completely restyled and gained over 2 inches in length. A new engine hood was introduced and a new full width grille encompassed the headlights and adjacent parking lights The roof line was thinner in appearance.
1972- Minor changes consisted of a color keyed front bumper and redesigned rear deck hatch.
1973- This was the last year for the big car. The grille featured a crosshatch design . This model was replaced in 1974 by the Mustang ll which began another chapter in the Mustang saga.

Having reviewed the styling changes on the regular car, it is necessary to also do the same to differentiate the Shelby models from the regular production models.
1965- The first Shelby was a fastback model and featured racing stripes from front to back in addition to a much more powerful engine. The car was called the GT- 350 1966- Changes were minor except that a few convertibles were produced. However a special series of GT- 350H models were produced for the Hertz Rental Agency. Full triangular side windows were added and all the cars were painted in black with gold trim including striping.
1967- A greater difference in style was featured in the Shelby from the stock model. The grille was removed and a pair of high beam lights were placed in the center. Lock pins were used to fasten the engine hood. Air scoops were situated on the hood and large air scoops were placed in the area where the rear windows had been located the previous year.
1968- The high beams were removed from the grille area and replaced with widely spaced rectangular fog lights.
1969- The front end deviated greatly from the stock Mustang. This new design was later copied by Ford in the early 1970s on their Mach 1 series.
1970 This was the last year for the Shelby Mustang. No new cars were produced. Only leftover stock was assembled and designated with 1970 serial numbers.

The best way to summarize the miniature toys and models is by listing each manufacturer alphabetically and then providing a chronological review of the models that have been produced. The Shelby cars will be covered next month in part 2 of this story.

AMT PUPS produced a 1965 fastback about 30 years ago for a short while.
AURORA CIGAR BOX produced a plastic Mid 1964 convertible # 6118 with a metal baseplate over 20 years ago.
BARTON TOYS of Canada also produced an early model in plastic.
CORGI in England sold a Mid 1964 convertible in their James Bond set about 3 years ago. Although the baseplate shows the model as a Corgi, These cars were actually made by Playing Mantis for Corgi to market in Europe.
ELDON, a slot car producer made a 1965 fastback with a metallic plastic body mounted to a metal baseplate. The baseplate indicated the model was made in Spain in 1969.
ERTL produced a Mid 1964 hardtop #35 in their Replica Series in the early 1980s. An apparent reissue of this model or similar casting has just been introduced by Hamilton Authenticated of Niles IL in their 'Ford Mustang Semi Collector set'. Included with the model car is a Semi Tractor Trailer in a mail in offer for $39.95 . A 1969 Mach 1 fastback was issued about 3 years ago in the detailed American Muscle series. A 1971 TS Mach 1 model was also issued about the same time as the other Replica Series model noted above.

1964 1/2 Hardtop

1971 Mach 1

1969 Mach 1

F & F produced an all plastic model of 1966 cars in all 3 body styles. These models had no baseplates and were made for Post's Cereals about 30 years ago as a promotional item.
FUJIMI of Japan, according to Wieland and Force produced a plastic 1967 fastback model . No additional info is available.
GUISVAL of Spain , according to Wieland & Force issued a 1971 model # 35/ 37. No additional info is available.
HOT WHEELS produced a 1965 convertible # 5908 in 1984 which remained in production for many years. The 1967 fastback #6206 was among the first models to be produced in 1968 and was called the Custom Mustang. It was reissued in 1994 in the Vintage Series with # 10496. In 1969, a Boss Hoss # 6499 fastback was issued. This casting was also called the Mustang Stocker in 1975 and carried # 7644. A 1970 Mach 1 was offered in 1999 as #670. In 2000 a 1970 Boss 429 fastback was issued in the Collectors Series.

1965 Convertible

1965 Convertible

1967 Custom (1994 re-issue)

1967 Boss Hoss

1967 Stocker

1970 Mach 1

1970 Boss 429 (Collector Series)

IMPERIAL TOYS produced a late-1960s fastback about 3 years ago. It is still available on a limited basis in certain areas of the country. The baseplate is dated 1998.
IMPY LONE STAR produced their fastback GT of a 1967 2 & 2 # 39 in 1971. This model was later reissued about 1976 in the Flyers series as # 79.

1967 Fastback

JOHNNY LIGHTNING models have been numerous. The Mustang concept car of 1962 (right) is one of the more interesting models, part of their original Mustang series. A Mid 1964 convertible # 653 was issued in 1998. It is the same casting as the licensed Corgi James Bond car and Indy Pace Car. An approximate 1967-68 fastback called the Custom Mustang # 112 was issued in 1995 and is considered to be one of the Lost Topper castings that never entered production. A 1967 fastback # 723 was issued in 1999 as part of both the Street Freaks and Mustang Illustrated series. A 1969 Mach 1 appeared in the late 1990's. A 1970 Mach 1 was offered in the original Muscle car series. A 1971 'Funny Car' Blue Max # 323 was issued in 1995. Finally in 1999, a 1973 fastback #725 was issued ,Additional Mustangs are scheduled to be issued later this year in the new Mustangs series.

1964 Indy 500 Pace Car

1967 Custom

1967 Fastback

1969 Mach 1

1970 Boss

1971-3 Mach 1

KIDCO the American marketing affiliate for Universal Products issued a Mid-1964 convertible in the very early 1980s. The baseplate is dated 1979 and the trunk opens.

1964 1/2 Convertible

KINSMART , a producer of 1/72 scale pull back models presently has available through various distributors a Mid-1964 hardtop model.
MATCHBOX issued a very detailed Mid 1964 convertible casting in their enhanced Motor Trend series in 2000. This model was issued with both top up and down versions. The open model was black while the ribbed roof version was white over green. This latter model was very limited in distribution and at present, except for pre-production models is probably the rarest model put out by Matchbox in recent years. For some unknown reason, only a few select collectors were able to purchase this model before it disappeared. In 1966, model # 8E-1 of a 1965 fastback was issued. This casting featured a lever on the side of the body of the car that controlled the turning motion of the front wheels. A modified version of this casting without the lever was issued in 1999. In 1996, a model of the 1968 Fastback Cobra Jet was issued. In 1973 a late 1971 fastback # 10F was issued. This same casting was reissued as # 11H in 1982 with the name "Boss" painted on the side fenders. In 1983, a late 1971 fastback IMSA modified race car # 11H was issued. This same casting was again altered to provide the custom 'Vantastic' #34B. In about 1997 a 1970 Boss 429 Mustang " fastback was issued.

1965 Fastback

1965 Fastback (1999 re-cast)

1968 Cobra Jet (Barrett-Jackson)

1970 Boss 428 (Premier)

1971 Fastback

1971 IMSA Racer

1971 custom 'Vantastic'

MAISTO issued a 1970 Boss fastback model about 5 years ago.

1970 Boss 428

MEGO with connections to AMT Pups also produced a fastback model #9101 2 & 2 model about 1980, which was probably the same basic casting as the earlier AMT product.
MINI-DINKY of Dinky Toys origin , issued a 1970 Boss fastback model # 16 in about 1968. These models are known to suffer metal fatigue due to a poor chemical composition of the minerals used to produce these detailed miniatures.
MINI-LINDY , a division of the Lindberg plastic model kit producer, produced a 1965 plastic fastback # 5 in kit form about 25 or more years ago. This model was reissued in 1990 for a short while.

1967 Fastback

PLAYART issued their 1965 convertible #7116 over 20 years ago. A 1969 notchback model was also offered.

1965 Convertible

1969 Notchback

RACING CHAMPIONS issued a Mid 1964 hardtop coupe # 4, in their Mint Editions series in 1996. A custom Mustang roadster was also done, based on a '65 convertible. The roadster top is like the ones used on Ford Thunderbirds of the same era to create the impression of a 2-seater. The windshield is of the speedster variety and the car sits on lowered suspension with low-profile wheels. In 2002, a 1969 Boss 429 was offered. as well as a '68 Fastback from Steve McQueen's movie Bullitt. The Bullitt car is actually RC's '68 Shelby casting with a different hood and revised tail-lights. The tail-lights have been given excessive chrome trim to try and alter the Shelby casting and hid ethe rear spoiler. Several RC Mustang models have also been offered in their 'Street Wheels' line of toy cars.

1964 1/2 Hardtop

1968 Fastback 'Bullitt'

1969 Boss 429

REVELL-MONOGRAM recently issued a very detailed and more accurate version of the 1968 fastback in their Bullitt Movie set.

1968 Fastback 'Bullitt'

SIKU issued their "T5 Mach 1 fastback model # V330 of an early 1970s car in 1972 It was reissued in 1975 as model #1027 and in 1977 as model # 1327. The casting design presents a slight distortion in the length and width dimensions.

1971 T5

SUMMER issued a 1965 fastback.

1965 Fastback

TRACK BURNERS, according to Wieland and Force issued a plastic hardtop model at least 25 years ago. No further info is available.
WELLY has announced they intend to issue a 1970 fastback # 2223 in the latter part of 2002.
YAT MING issued models of both the 1966 hardtop # 1024 and the Boss fastback of 1971 # 1073 also about 25 years ago.

1966 Hardtop

1971 Boss

ZYLMEX/ ZEETOYS issued a 1971 fastback model # D49 about 20 years ago

This concludes the summarization of all regular or stock Mustangs known to exist or that were previously available in approximate 1/64 scale. But, as noted above, the Modified Shelby Mustang was also produced in conjunction with the regular Ford product. Next month we will conclude with a separate review of these modified supercars.

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