No One Does Cute Like Tomica
by Doug Breithaupt

Toy cars are cute and Tomica's toy cars are the cutest. Whether cute cars make your stomach churn or your eyes light up, their's no doubt that they are popular with collectors. Over the past 30+ years, Tomica has produced some of the best examples of little cars. While most represent the work of Japanese automakers, classics like the 2CV, VW Beetle and Mini have proved that Tomica is king of the mini-car. The ten below are some of my favorites. The two Subaru models are Tomica's new 'Limited' models and the quality demonstrated puts them in with the best of the 'collector' level models from other manufacturers.

Citroen 2CV #3 - 1:57
Citroen's classic model has seldom looked better than in this yellow and black Tomica version. It looks ready for a drive through the fields of France.

Subaru 360 #21 - 1:50
The new Tomica 'Limited' series make a cute car even cuter. With white walls and rubber tires, perfect paint and an opening bonnet this Subie is a solid 10.

Volkswagen Cabrio #F20 - 1:60
All this VW Beetle Cabrio needs is a tiny California blond behind the wheel. Tomica's top-less Bug is to die for.

Honda Civic #85 - 1:57
The Civic was Japan's first mini-car hit in the USA and who but Tomica could do it so well? This is a very popular model with Honda collectors and priced accordingly.

Mini Cooper Type #F8 - 1:50
With all the buzz about the new Mini, Tomica still offers this beautiful Mini Cooper in BRG and white. I would not change a thing.

Suzuki Cervo #75 - 1:52
More modern Japanese micro-cars like the Suzuki Cervo are seldom exported. Even the names are too cute. The doors fit and open perfectly.

Nissan Cherry X-1 #17 - 1:58
This early Tomica shows how consistent their models have been over the years. Nissan's small car for the 1970's was very successful.

Mazda Familia 1500X #4 - 1:59
As long as your family is small, the Mazda Familia could be just the ticket. This turbo-charged model could be a 'pocket-rocket' poster child.

Subaru R-2 #9 - 1:54
Here is another of the new Tomica 'Limited' models. Subaru deserves high points for style with the mat-black hood and mag wheels on this sporty R-2. Wanna race?

Toyota Will Vi #27 - 1:60
Cute is alive and well in Japanese autos. The Toyota Will Vi has been called a modern 2CV. I bet it would sell well in France too. It's a good bet that Tomica will be the first company to do a Will Vi.