Interview with Ingrid Ivankova of AUTOart
by Doug Breithaupt

Earlier this year, the first series of new 1:64 scale models from AUTOart were presented in TofTC. Three more new cars from AUTOart are presented here along with a brief online interview with Ingrid Ivankova, AUTOart's U.S.-based representative.

The first new car is the BMW Z8. True, this car has been done by many other manufacturers in 1:64 scale but the AUTOart model is the best yet. Correct wheels and excellent interior detail place this Z8 on a level above the models from Johnny Lightning, Majorette, Maisto, Motor Max and Matchbox. Only Hongwell's Z8 comes close and it is in 1:72 scale.

AUTOart's Lamborghini Murcielago is the first small-scale model of the the latest Lambo. In venom green, it looks downright poisonous. Named after a famous Spanish fighting bull, the Murcielago is very well done. The trade-mark Lamborghini five hole wheels are perfect. We've waited a long time for a new Lamborghini and AUTOart has the distinction of doing a first one that will be tough to follow.

Everyone loves the new Mini Cooper by BMW. AUTOart's example is again the best to date. The white wheels are correct and really make this model stand out. AUTOart understands that putting the wrong wheels on a diecast car is like matching a new suit with hiking boots. After all the attention spent to get a casting right, forcing it to wear the wrong wheels is criminal. Other manufacturers of 'collector' models should take note of how good these AUTOart cars look and the wheels are a big part.

What follows is a brief interview with Ingrid Ivankova, AUTOart's U.S.-based representative. Ingrid is always happy to talk with collectors and clearly understands the value of these exchanges. She can be contacted at:

You can also order all the AUTOart 1:64 scale and larger models through Ingrid's location in California. It's wonderful to be able to make this kind of direct contact and to be able to purchase new models at fair prices. Perhaps that's another lesson for the competition.

Tales of Toy Cars:
Gateway Global and AUTOart are names that most collectors associate with high-quality 1:18 scale diecast cars. Will the Junior 1:64 scale line be a regular part of your catalog from now on? How many new models per year are planned?

Ingrid Ivankova - "Yes, it will become one of our regular lines. We plan to develop a minimum of 12 models per year."

Tales of Toy Cars:
All the current 1:64 scale models are of modern cars so far. Will some of the classic cars already done in 1:18 scale also be considered for the 1:64 scale line?

Ingrid Ivankova - "We will consider to make classical models in our 1/64 Junior line."

Tales of Toy Cars:
World-wide, what are your marketing plans for distribution of the 1:64 scale line? Do you have major retailers ready to carry this line?

Ingrid Ivankova - "We are focusing to sell the AUTOart Junior line through the hobby channel and specialty stores and we have not approached any major retailers yet."

Tales of Toy Cars:
The display boxes are very nice but must add to the cost of the 1:64 scale line. Would you consider using blister packs to make the models more affordable?

Ingrid Ivankova - "We had the lower cost packaging concept in mind when we decided to develop the 1/64 Junior line, but we intend to reserve this version for major retailers."

Thanks for the good news Ingrid, we'll be waiting to see what's next.


Lamborghini Murcielago

BMW Mini Cooper