Tintoys: The Sequel
by Kimmo Sahakangas

This is another round for Tintoys, or actually, Tins' Toys. Last month, "Tintoys & Tins' Toys" story included images of "WT" models that were available under the Tintoys names. This month offers images of the "T" models. These models make this a sequel, for better or worse! These were sold under "Tins' Toys". It is not certain why these names were used for the different numbering systems. The "T" car models are slightly smaller than "WT" models. Commercial vehicles are a smaller scale; however, they are larger. Some of the "T' models are smaller versions of "WT" models suggesting that in some regions, these may have been marketed with additional economy in mind. Summer and Yat Ming, for example have produced diecast toys with varying quality. It is not known if these models were available in sets. The only examples were available in blister cards. All this said, the big question is: are Tintoys and Tins' Toys related? These names are very similar with some of the vehicles produced by both even if the scale or quality is not the same. The "T" models are based on contemporary cars and trucks from the 1970s to the early 1980s. Imaginary Cars from this Hong Kong diecast maker were included in the series. I expect that those responsible found more interest in creating a car design from scratch whether or not customers found them appealing. In addition, collector Kevin Lam notified the Matchbox Community Hall to the Tintoys website. The homepage indicates that Tintoys began business in 1965. <http://www.tintoys.com >

Below is an amended list to the one last month.
WT200 Ferrari F1 (T200)
WT201 Karina 1700
WT202 Corvette Chevrolet Coupe
WT203 Chevrolet De Luxe Stingray
WT204 Porsche Racer
WT205 Abarth 2000
WT206 Ferrari Competizione
WT223 Matra F1 (T203)
WT224 Lotus Climax F1 (T224)
WT225 Honda F1
WT226 Ferrari F1
WT231 Rolls Royce
WT232 Packard Landaulet
WT233 Cadillac
WT234 Stutz
WT240 Lancia Fulvia Coupe
WT301 Isotta Fraschini,
WT302 Bugatti Royal Touring,
WT303 Rolls Royce Roadster Pll
WT304 Mercedes Benz Cabriolet Touring
WT319 Chieftain Tank
WT401 Saladin Mk II
WT402 M8
WT403 BTR 40
WT404 Daimler Mk II
WT405 BRM P160 F1
WT406 Mach Ford 721 F1 (T199)
WT407 Tyrell Ford Racer (T202)
WT408 Lotus JPS F1 (T204)
WT501 Matra Simca 670 Racer (T316)
WT502 March 707 Can Am Racer (T315)
WT503 McLaren M8A Can Am (T314)
WT504 Porsche Audi Can Am (T313)
WT505 Gulf Mirage Can Am (T312)
WT506 Ligier J513 Racer (T311)
WT507 Ferrari
WT508 Ferrari 312P
WT509 Ferrari P5
WT510 Porsche 917
WT511 Ferrari 512M
WT512 Howmet "TX"

WT707 March Can Am (T315)
WT710 McLaren M8A Can Am
WT713 F1 Racer
WT718 Tyrrel 007
WT719 Lola 370
WT720 Brabham GT 44
WT721 McLaren M23
WT8101 Citroen CX
WT8102 Fiat X 1/9
WT8103 Giuletta
WT8104 Toyota Celica
WT8105 Datsun Fairlady 240Z Rallye
WT8106 Maserati Bora
WT8107 Fiat Dino Coupe
WT8108 Lancia Fulvia Coupe
WT8109 Corvette Rondine
WT8110 Mercedes Benz 280SL
WT8213-8215 Isuzu Delivery Truck (pencil sharpener)
WT8216-8218 Leyland Refrigerator Van (pencil sharpener)
WT8219 Nissan Fairlady 240Z (pencil sharpener)
WT8220 Lancia Stratos (pencil sharpener)
WT8221 Maserati Bora (pencil sharpener)
WT8222 Lamborghini (pencil sharpener)
WT8227-8230 Coach Variations
WT8307 Cadillac Seville
WT8308 Toyota 2000
WT8317-8319 Leyland Garbage Truck (pencil sharpener)

T212 Lamborghini Muira P 4000

T216 Carabo Bertone

T217 Abarth 2000
T219a Dump Truck
T220a Fire Truck
T221a Refrigeration Truck
T222a Sanitation Truck
T223a Stake Truck
T224a Majorette Truck (identified on blister card)
T219b-224b Truck w/ Flatbed Variations (bonnet type truck)

T226a Imaginary Car Type I

T226b Imaginary Car Type II

T227 Imaginary Race Car

T230 Imaginary Car Type III
T231 Scammell Concrete Mixer
T232 Tank Truck
T233 Container
T234 Cement Transporter
T235 Drink Transporter
T236 Wrecker

T237 Porsche 911

T238 B.M.W. 2800

T239 Fairlady Z 432

T240 Toyota Celica LB 2000 G.T.

T242 Nissan Skyline HT 2000 G.T.
T263-270 Super Tank
T281 1904 Renault (larger scale)
T285 Double-Deck Bus
T286 Long Journey Bus
T287 Tourist Bus
T288 Private Touring Bus