Fire Chief Cars in Miniature
by Doug Breithaupt

The popularity of fire chief cars in 1:64 scale is likely due to the even greater popularity of police cars. if you are a diecast producer and you have produced a police cruiser casting, it makes sense to help pay for the tooling by releasing as many versions as possible. What else can you do with a police casting? It can become a taxi, medical car or road emergency car, racing pace car or as these images demonstrate, a fire chief car. Below is a selection of fire chief cars from various manufacturers. There are certainly additional examples, not presently in my collection.

1953 Chevrolet by Golden Wheel

BMW 3 Series by Matchbox

Ford Capri by Corgi

1965 Ford Galaxie by Matchbox

Mercury sedan by Matchbox

1956 Chevrolet by Racing Champions

Chevrolet Caprice by Welly

Checker Marathon by Golden Wheel

Chevrolet Caprice by Johnny Lightning

Plymouth Fury by Hot Wheels

Peugeot 205 by

BMW 3 Series by Real Toy

BMW 3 Series by Real Toy

Ford Wagon by Playart

Chevrolet Caprice by Golden Wheel

Jaguar Mk. 10 by Husky