Rally Cars - Then and Now
by Doug Breithaupt

Citroen Dyane Rally - Majorette

Ford RS2000 Rally - Matchbox

Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo Rally - Tomica
In many forms of motorsports, auto manufacturers take the long-term approach. Ferrari has been in Formula 1 since 1950. Ford and Chevy have battled in NASCAR for over four decades. In international rallying, several manufacturers have been consistent participants as well.

The recent addition of Citroen's Xsara FIA rally car created the idea of matching rally cars of today with their predecessors from earlier years. I was even able to match team colors for the three manufacturers shown here.

Citroen has had a long history of rallying. The DS was a rally success in the 1950's and '60's. The SM won the 1970 Moroccan Rally in it's first outing. Even the 2CV and it's Dyane cousin were rally contenders. The Citroen Dyane rally car by Majorette sports a roll cage, spare gas can, rally grill and lights. It looks ready for the sands of North Africa. The matching red wheels are also interesting for this model. The new Citroen Xsara rally car by Guisval provides an excellent modern contrast. Authentic rally graphics transform the Xsara into a competition model. Rally lights or a roll cage would be a nice addition to this casting.

Ford-UK has also been a long-term player in rallying. The Ford Lotus-Cortina of the '60's and original Escort were popular rally choices. In 1978, Matchbox released the Ford Escort RS2000. Without the sporting decals, this would be appear to be a stock production model. Hot Wheels offered their Ford Escort Rally in 1996. It features a full roll cage, rally mods and lights. Even the racing graphics have references to Monte Carlo. The Ford Focus is the current Ford rally car but it has yet to be offered in rally trim by diecast producers. Stock and tuner versions are available.

Mitsubishi is a more recent rally participant, beginning in the 1970's. Tomica has produced more Mitsubishi models than any one else and have offered several rally cars. The Lancer Turbo of 1982 #38-4 is an excellent casting with rally mods and lights. The interior includes a spare tire behind the front seats, The 1997 Lancer Evo IV #104 is a direct descendent of the earlier model. It even shares Ralli Art graphics. The front rally lights and rear wing are complimented with authentic rally graphics. This model comes with peel and stick decals to be added after purchase, quite a chore for big fingers.

Citroen Xsara Rally - Guisval

Ford Escort Rally - Hot Wheels

Mitsubishi Evo IV - Tomica