Hot Wheels Hot Rods and The Color of Purple
by Doug Breithaupt

Metallic Purple is a popular color today for Hot Wheels' hot rods. In particular, three hot rod coupes that have recently been offered in the regular Hot Wheels line, all sport the same shade of metallic purple.

These same three cars have more in common then just their color. All three are coupes and sport massive engines up front and tiny split rear windows. The 1/4 Mile Coupe is the newest, part of the 2003 line. it features a blown V8 and trumpet exhausts that would make it impossible to open the doors! It appears to be inspired by a late '30 Ford.

The Hammered Coupe has a similar look but the rear wheels are enclosed. The power for this hot rod appears to be a massive V12, perhaps a Packard or Lincoln power plant. it has a split front window as well and the exhaust exits from the rear. I'm not sure what real car might have inspired this hot rod, anyone have a guess? (click here)

The third hot rod also dates from 2000 and is clearly based on a late '40's Cadillac. The power for this monster is in the form of twin V8 engines, hence the name. The Cadillac grill is modified but still easy to identify. A dorsal fin runs the length of the fastback, beginning with a widow's peak at the windshield and splitting the rear window.

A fourth model begs to be included in this story. For 2002, Hot Wheels offered four models with red-line tires and called it the 'Hot Wheels redlines' series. One of these was the '32 Ford Vicky, first seen in 1968. This casting is the one used for the re-release of commemorative models in the early 1990's. With the same metallic purple color and chromed motor, it fits right in with the other three hot rods. The Ford Vicky was also offered in a metallic purple, both in its original release and its commemorative re-release. It also serves to show that Hot Wheels have not strayed far from their roots as the king of diecast hot rods.

2002 - 1/4 Mile Coupe

1968 - '32 Ford Vicky (2002 edition)

2000 - Hammered Coupe

2000 - Evil Twin