A Pictorial History of Honda in Miniature
by Doug Breithaupt

While Honda has produced automobiles since 1962, it is only in the last few years that toy car makers have offered more than a handful of these cars in 1:64 scale. The earliest models are from Tomica and Playart. The tiny S800 sports car was done by both and Playart added the Z360 GS while Tomica did the original Civic and curious Vanos. Tomica produced other Honda models from the 1970's and '80's, missing from my collection, including the 1300 Coupe #7, the NIII 360 #10, Civic 3dr. #17, Quint Integra #30, Civic Wagon #34, Prelude #54, Accord CVCC-EX #78 and assorted motorcycles, vans and race cars not included in this review. I am slowly adding these missing Tomica models to my collection whenever I can.

It was not until the mid-1980's that toy car manufacturers other than Tomica and Playart offered Honda models. The Prelude was done by Majorette, Road Champs and Blue Box. The Accord has been done by majorette and Maisto. Summer and Zlymex did the CRX. The Honda/Acura NSX tempted Novacar (later converted to a Majorette model) and Motor Max to join Tomica in offering a model while the new S2000 is available from AUTOart and Maisto, and of course Tomica. Most recently the toy car industry is rushing to produce 'tuner' models and the Honda Civic and Acura Integra are two of the most popular cars for tuner treatment. Hot Wheels, Revell and Racing Champions have been joined by newcomers Muscle Machines and XConcepts with more certain to follow.

Below are the small-scale Honda models in my collection. My best estimate of the model year is included in parentheses. Let me know via e-mail if you have more to add.

S800M (1968) - Tomica #23

S800 (1970) - Playart

Z GS (1971) - Playart

Vamos - Tomica #55

Civic (1973) - Tomica #83

Prelude (1986) - Majorette #252

Prelude (1986) - Road Champs

Prelude (1986) - Blue Box

Accord (1985) - Majorette 3219

CRX - Zylmex #D79

CRX - Summer

Accord (1997) - Maisto

NSX (1991) - Tomica #78

NSX (1991) - Majorette #220

NSX (1991) - Novacar

NSX (1999) - Motor Max

NSX Police - Tomica #78

Civic (1997) - Maisto

Civic (1998) - Revell

City - Tomica #54

Civic SI (1999) - XConcepts

Civic SI (1999) - Hot Wheels

Civic SI (1999) - Hot Wheels (McD)

Sprocket concept (2000) - Hot Wheels

Acura Integra Type R (2000) - Revell

Acura Integra Type R (2000) - XConcepts

Acura Integra Type R (2000) - Muscle Machines

Civic SI (1998) - Muscle Machines

Beat (1990) - Tomica #72

S2000 (1999) - AUTOart

S2000 (1999) - Tomica #64

S2000 (1999) - Maisto